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of September 14, 2015 No. 1304-IVQR

In connection with the resolution of the European parliament of September 10, 2015

The resolution on Azerbaijan number 2915/2840 (RSP) adopted on September 10, 2015 by the European parliament demonstrates that the prejudiced ochernitelsky campaign, systematically and constantly carried out in this parliamentary organization against our country, accepted extremely offensive nature. This time under the pretext of human rights the political power supported by the people in Azerbaijan underwent to slanders and slander, abortive attempt to break the developing partnership of our country with the European Union and state members, to undermine the international authority of Azerbaijan and to isolate it from process of integration into the world was made.

It should be noted that from the date of the beginning of functioning of the European parliament since July of last year in new structure because of line item of management of this structure between it and Azerbaijan there was no official dialogue, mutual visits were not performed. Strangely enough, the management of the European parliament forbade official and unofficial trips of deputies to Azerbaijan. Thus, certain forces in the European parliament took consecutive steps for substitution of inter-parliamentary dialogue by the offensive monologue directed against Azerbaijan.

It is also necessary to emphasize that in the European parliament there are healthy forces provided by the deputies who are fairly belonging to Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, their voices are often not heard. Also the meeting where the prejudiced resolution against Azerbaijan was discussed was not exception, the lobbist parliamentary groups involved in corruption managed to achieve the dirty intentions. One of basic reasons is that heads of the European parliament, first of all, the chairman of structure M. Schultz close eyes to activities of selling groups, or perhaps and participate in these activities and patronize these structures.

The meeting of the European parliament revealed also the level of tolerance of many deputies, showed the jealous attitude towards the authority of Azerbaijan as secular state in this structure. During proceeding now in the territory of the European Union of migratory crisis of tendency of racism and xenophobia reached incredible level that quite logically interferes with accomplishment by the Union of the assumed international obligations. Besides, desire of some member countries of the European Union to grant shelter only to Christian refugees creates conditions for support of the European Union existing on space of ultralegal radical and islamofobsky political policy, and finally - for forming of discrimination system. The fact that similar tendencies found way to such international structure as the European parliament causes only regret. In such conditions instead of support of Azerbaijan which is showing example of tolerance in the world, became the advanced state in development of cross-cultural dialogue against it prejudiced resolutions are adopted that it is necessary to regard as promotion of racism and xenophobia on the European space, provocation against the traditional Islamic states gravitating to cooperation with the European Union.

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