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of March 30, 1998 No. 159

About approval of the Regulations on family orphanages (foster homes)

For the purpose of improvement of social and material support of family orphanages the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic decides:

1. Approve the enclosed Regulations on family orphanages (foster homes).

2. To the Ministry of Education, sciences and cultures of the Kyrgyz Republic to exercise constant control behind the level of moral education of children, educational and educational work in family orphanages and to render to them necessary methodical and social psychological assistance.

3. To the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic to develop the mechanism of control of health of children in family orphanages and their free treatment.

4. Provide to the regional, city, district public administrations timely assignment for content of the children determined in family orphanages, carry out work on rendering the additional help at the expense of sponsors, patrons, wider to attract sources of non-state financing. Initiate and give permanent help in creation and development of network of family orphanages.

6. Declare invalid the order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of December 13, 1993 No. 598 "About Regulations on family orphanages (foster homes)".


Prime Minister K. Zhumaliyev

Approved by the order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of March 30, 1998 No. 159

Regulations on family orphanages (foster homes)

The family orphanage is new form of education and public and state care of orphan children and children without parental support.

The main objective of creation of family orphanage - to provide individual approach to the child, to give samples and skills of communication in society, having as much as possible brought closer for this purpose living conditions and education of the children who were left without parents to family, having created the atmosphere of heat, cosiness, parent care of children, having prepared pupils for full independence of life and work. Education of the children deprived of care of parents in family orphanage helps them to be ready to accept responsibility pro se and the children, to be painless most socialization.

The network of family orphanages is the state system allowing to monitor change of social and psychological living conditions, to approve and implement various ways of socialization and rehabilitation of the children who were left without parents thereby actively to follow the state social policy.

I. General provisions

1. The family orphanage (foster home) is formed at the request of citizens (spouses or the individual) who voluntarily take for education and cohabitation in family of orphan children and children without parental support. These citizens hereinafter are referred to as further as "parents tutors".

2. The republican commission of Children's fund and the Ministry of Education, science and culture of the Kyrgyz Republic with participation of guardianship and custody bodies on the basis of the statement of persons who showed willingness to accept children on education in family studies future parents tutors, their domestic conditions and makes recommendations of local public administration on creation of family orphanage.

3. Based on the decision of district (city) public administration on formation of family orphanage (foster home)

between parents - tutors and district (city) department of department of education sign the agreement the mutual rights and obligations are determined by form according to appendix No. 1, in which. In case of creation of the agreement on the organization of activities of family orphanage (foster home) of the party are guided by this Provision and other regulating documents of state bodies concerning content, training and material security of orphan children and children without parental support. In case of agreement breach each of the parties has the right to take a legal action.

4. In family orphanage (foster home) it can be taken on education from 5 to 10 children aged up to 16 years. At the same time total number of children, including the family adopted and wards, shall not exceed 12 people.

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