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of August 15, 2001 No. ZR-203

About approval of the Comprehensive program of recovery of zone of disaster

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on July 27, 2001

Article 1. Approve the Comprehensive program of recovery of the Zone of disaster.

Article 2. Approve the Table No. 16 of Appendix No. 1, of Appendix No. 5 and No. 7 in the new edition (are applied to the original of the Law) the Law of the Republic of Armenia "About the government budget of the Republic of Armenia for 2001".

Article 3. Permit the Government of the Republic of Armenia – if necessary, before the termination of the Comprehensive program of recovery of the Zone of disaster within the appropriate annual program of recovery of the Zone of disaster (further – the annual program) to make redistribution of the sums of budgetary appropriations determined according to the account programs provided by the relevant annual budget at the rate to 15 percent from the total amount of the annual program.

Article 4. This Law becomes effective from the moment of its official publication.

President of the Republic of Armenia

R. Kocharyan

Comprehensive program of recovery of zone of disaster

1. Introduction

The comprehensive program recovery of zone of disaster (further – the comprehensive program) is developed according to Law RA provisions "About recovery of zone of disaster".

The comprehensive program is basis of strategy of the state policy directed to recovery of zone of disaster.

The comprehensive program provides continuation of recovery work in disaster zone according to the decisions made in the past with refining of their necessary amounts now, using new approaches of implementation which are purposeful on improvement of housing conditions of the citizens who were left without housing as a result of earthquake and also on creating favorable conditions for life in settlements.

The comprehensive program forms basis for development of annual programs.

The comprehensive program is developed, proceeding from social and economic situation in the republic.

2. Analysis of current status

The Spitak earthquake covered on December 7, 1988 about 40 percent of the territory of the republic.

As a result of earthquake more than 230 industrial facilities were fully or partially destroyed (on 82 thousand workplaces), it is destroyed or the housing stock with a total area of 8,9 of one million sq.m, including 4,1 of one million sq.m state and 4,8 of one million sq.m – private, comprehensive schools on 150,2 of thousand student places, 416 health objects, and also objects of trade, public, food, communication, transport, municipal services, the industry and numerous subjects to other appointment sustained damage of various degree (the I-IV degree).

For the purpose of elimination of consequences of earthquake number of decisions is accepted.

According to the decisions made in 1989 by the authorities of the former Soviet Union it was provided to recover disaster zone in 1989-1990 by forces and means of federal republics, the ministries, departments. Without watching large volumes of the carried-out works, recovery work for various reasons was not carried out in the provided amounts therefore about 4700 incomplete objects of various degree of construction readiness were refrigerated. About 3800 of these objects, or 80 percent, constitute apartment houses of construction in progress from which about 2900 – private houses in rural settlements.

Since 1991, all weight of recovery work in zone of disaster laid down to the Republic of Armenia.

Proceeding from the created situation, the Government of RA approved by the decision No. 17 of October 7, 1994 the new program of recovery of zone of disaster. These programs specified amounts of the subject recoveries of certain spheres of the settlements injured with earthquake, with preserving the main approaches of the previous program, and the term of recovery of zone of disaster was prolonged till 2000.

In 10 years after earthquake analysis results of process of recovery of zone of disaster and the reforms undertaken in the country predetermined need of refining of policy of recovery of settlements for disaster zone. As a result the decision of the Government No. 701 of November 11, 1998 approved the first-priority program of recovery of zone of disaster according to which the problem resolution of the housing and social sphere in the settlements which were affected by earthquake became direct state intervention and resources first-priority.

This program established ways of implementation of obligations assumed by the state on providing with apartments the families which were left without housing, to recovery of objects of the social sphere. In the course of housing providing, except housing construction, in fact, the idea of issue of certificates on purchase of apartments which allowed the population to choose the residence and quality of the apartment freely was for the first time implemented.

During 1989-2000 on the investments performed at the expense of all sources of financing in the settlement of zone of disaster apartment houses with a total area of 3,5 of one million sq.m. were involved.

Schools on 68 thousand student places, hospitals on 2,8 of thousand beds, polyclinics with 4,3 in thousand visits in one change, and also preschool objects and other public objects are constructed and strengthened.

Except again constructed or repaired water supply systems length near 1, of thousands of km, carries out also works on connection to water supply systems of water lines of the built residential buildings. Besides, for the purpose of providing heat supply of the built-up GSP in the quarter Mus-2 Gyumri the boiler room of autonomous heating is constructed and put in operation.

Within the program performed for the credit account, provided by the World Bank, 9 cases of industrial facilities and one experimental platform for production of blocks of buildings are complete.

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