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of July 3, 2014 No. 116

About cinematography

(In edition of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 24.05.2018 No. 79)

The Parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Purpose of the law and sphere of regulation

(1) This law establishes the legal basis of state policy in the field of cinematography.

(2) This law regulates activities procedure in the field of cinematography (creation, production, financing, distribution and use of movies), supports of development of the film industry, and also management of national cinema property.

(3) Main objectives of this law are:

a) development of the region of cinematography – component of national culture – by rendering financial, technical and legal support by the state;

b) support of development of the film industry of the Republic of Moldova by means of activities for preparation and enhancement of specialists in the field;

c) establishment of procedure for forming and use of the financial resources necessary for creation, distributions, use and archive storage of national movies;

d) the organization and functioning of the National center of cinematography as public organization with powers in the field of cinematography;

e) approval of national cultural originality and cultural identity of ethnic minorities of the Republic of Moldova by creation of movies and their introduction in international traffic of cultural values;

f) protection, development and development of national cinema property;

g) support of fair and transparent competitive system of access to the public financial resources intended to the field of cinematography;

h) encouragement of private initiative in the field of cinematography;

i) regulation of activities of business entities in the field of cinematography;

j) stimulation of cinema cooperation at the European and international levels;

k) ensuring access of the audience to the wide repertoire of movies covering different world cinema subjects, genres, styles and schools;

l) observance in the field of cinematography of provisions of the language legislation.

(4) Provisions of this law extend to physical persons and legal entities of the Republic of Moldova, and also other states according to international treaties which party is the Republic of Moldova.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this law the following basic concepts are used:

the author of the movie – the screenwriter, the director, the operator, the art director, the composer, specially created for the movie, and also any other physical person, creative image promoting creation of the movie, determined as that by the Copyright law and the related rights No. 139 of July 2, 2010;

movie theater – any authorized space equipped with the corresponding equipment intended for public display of movies by their projection to the screen (on paid or free basis);

cinematography – the area of culture and art directed to production, distribution and use of movies, including material resources, creative, technical and management activity, and also the personnel providing cinema process;

the standard copy of the movie – the main copy of the movie on any medium which corresponds to all technical and high-quality parameters set by the producer;

the co-producer – the authorized physical person or legal entity which together with one or several producers participates technical and/or financial resources in creation of the movie;

public display of the movie – the demonstration of the original or copy of the movie by image projection to the screen or other similar method (except for on-air or cable broadcasting) performed at movie theaters or other public place provided for this purpose;

development of the cinema project – any activities directed to creation of the movie as that: writing or rewriting of the scenario, collection of materials, budget making, identification of possible sources of financing and address to them, etc.;

distribution of the movie – the activities directed to release of movies in turnover by sale or any other method of transfer into the ownership for a fee or gratuitously and also import and export of movies;

the distributor of the movie – the owner of the rights to distribution of the movie in certain territory and for certain period;

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