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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Government of Ukraine on mutual cooperation on postal orders

of September 30, 1994

The government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the one hand, and the Government of Ukraine, on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as by the Parties, concluded the present (The agreement as follows):

Article 1

The parties decided to organize (and to carry out in the territory of two states, namely the Republic of Uzbekistan and Ukraine, through the network of the companies and post offices acceptance and payment without restriction in the amount of postal money transfers only on the socially important non-commercial payments stipulated in appendix to the Agreement on procedure for money transfer to citizens on socially important non-commercial payments signed by Heads of governments of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States of 9.09.94 in Moscow. The amount of the other translations is regulated by availability of currency of the state.

Article 2

Postal orders are accepted and paid in national currencies of the Parties for the rate established by the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Transactions, stipulated in Article 1 this agreement, it is performed through the correspondent account of Authorized bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan opened in authorized bank of Ukraine in national currency of Ukraine.

Article 3

Each of the Parties establishes own rates for transfer of money transfers, and also on the additional services rendered to clients of the state in case of acceptance or payment of transitions.

Article 4

For processing of the translations and exchange of them between the states each party will organize centralized "Item" on processing of money transfers.

Postal money transfers between the Parties are sent only through the specified "Items" with preliminary transfer of the corresponding amounts.

Article 5

The payment due date of postal order shall not exceed one month from the date of its receipt in telecommunications agencies of the Parties.

In some cases according to the statement of the addressee the payment due date of postal order can be prolonged up to 2 months.

In case of non-payment of postal order during the provided term for the reasons specified in article IR 608 of Executive regulations of the Agreement on postal orders of Universal Postal Union it returns the sent administration of connection with the corresponding return of the sums of money credited earlier and obligatory specifying of return reason on each postal order form.

Article 6

As necessary the Parties have the right unilaterally to restriction of outgoing postal money transfers both on quantity, and on their amount, having previously in writing informed other Party on the made decision.

Article 7

In case of failure to carry out of terms of this agreement of one of the Parties other Party informs on it and in case of non receipt of the answer within 30 days unilaterally has the right to stop exchange of postal orders.

Article 8

In case of payment of the false translation the financial responsibility is conferred on that Party because of which it is allowed.

In case of the wrong payment of the translation in connection with violation of technology of acceptance or payment of the translation bears financial responsibility, that Party which telecommunications agency allowed this violation.

Article 9

Costs of the Parties on processing of postal orders are compensated by the Parties on rate of 0,1 SDR (Special drawing right) for each translation.

At the same time the Parties can provide and be accepted by agreement new rates.

Article 10

Changes and amendments of terms of agreement are made by mutual consent of the Parties.

Article 11

Settlement on translated transactions will be made by the Center of international settlements and agreements of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Center of calculations and communication quality of the Ministry of Communications of Ukraine.

Article 12

Filling of forms of postal orders and office correspondence is conducted in Russian.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing and is effective until one of the Parties in writing in month does not inform other Party on cancellation of the Agreement.

The agreement is considered invalid only after complete settlement on the amounts of the paid postal orders by the Parties.

It is made in the city of Kiev on September 30, 1994 in two authentic copies in the Uzbek, Ukrainian and Russian languages, and all texts are equally authoritative.


For the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

For the Government of Ukraine

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