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of April 10, 1972

About prohibition of development, production and stock accumulation of bacteriological (biological) and toksinny weapon and about their destruction

State Parties of this Convention,

the full of determination to affect for the purpose of achievement of effective progress ways of the general and complete disarmament including prohibition and liquidation of all types of weapon of mass destruction, and confident that prohibition of development, productions and stock accumulations of chemical and bacteriological (biological) weapon and their destruction by effective measures will promote achievement of general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control

recognizing importance of the Protocol on the application prohibition in the war suffocating, poisonous or other similar gases and bacteriological means signed in Geneva on June 17, 1925, and also that contribution which the specified protocol already made and continues to bring in case of reduction of horrors of war,

confirming the fidelity to the principles and the purposes of the mentioned protocol and calling all states for their strict observance,

reminding that the General Assembly of the United Nations repeatedly condemned all actions contradicting the principles and the purposes of the Geneva protocol of June 17, 1925

wishing to promote deepening of trust between the people and to general improvement of the international atmosphere,

aiming to promote also implementation of the purposes and the principles of Articles of organization of the United Nations,

being convinced of importance and urgency of exception of arsenals of the states by effective measures of such dangerous weapon of mass destruction what weapon with use of chemical or bacteriological (biological) agents is,

recognizing that the agreement on prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toksinny weapon is the first possible step in the direction of reaching an agreement on effective measures also for prohibition of development, production and accumulating of chemical weapon, and the full of determination to continue negotiations for this purpose,

full of determination for the sake of all mankind completely to exclude possibility of use of bacteriological (biological) agents or toxins as weapon,

being convinced that such use would contradict conscience of mankind and that it is not necessary to feel sorry for any efforts for reduction of this danger,

agreed as follows:

Article I

Shall never, under no circumstances develop, not make, not accumulate, not acquire each State Party of this Convention any otherwise and not keep:

1) microbiological or other biological agents or toxins what there was their origin or production method, such types and in such quantities which have no appointment for preventive, protective or other peace purposes;

2) weapon, the equipment or delivery systems, held for use such agents or toxins in the hostile purposes or in armed conflicts.

Article II

Shall destroy or switch each State Party of this Convention to the peace purposes as soon as possible, but no later than nine months after the introduction of the Convention to force, all agents, toxins, the weapon, the equipment and delivery systems specified in the article I of the Convention whom it has or who are under its jurisdiction or control. In case of accomplishment of provisions of this Article all necessary precautionary measures for the purpose of protection of the population and the environment shall be taken.

Article III

Not transfer each State Party of this Convention to somebody neither directly, nor indirectly, as well as at all not to help, not to encourage and not to induce any state, group of the states or the international organizations to production or to acquisition by any different way of any agents, toxins, weapon, the equipment or delivery systems specified in the article I of the Convention.

Article IV

Each State Party of this Convention shall take according to the constitutional processes necessary measures for prohibition and prevention of development, production, accumulating, acquisition or preserving the agents, toxins, weapon, the equipment and delivery systems specified in the article I of the Convention within the territory of such state, under its jurisdiction or under its control anywhere.

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