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Declaration KSSR on the state sovereignty of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic

of October 25, 1990

Supreme Council of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic,

expressing will of the people of Kazakhstan,

aiming at creation of worthy and equal living conditions for all citizens of the Republic,

including paramount task of consolidation and strengthening of friendship of the people living in the Republic

recognizing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the right of the nations to free self-determination,

realizing responsibility for destiny of the Kazakh nation,

proceeding from determination of creation of the humane democratic constitutional state,

proclaims the state sovereignty of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and adopts this Declaration.

1. The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic is the sovereign state which voluntarily unites with other republics in the Union of the Sovereign republics and builds relations with them on contractual basis.

The Kazakh SSR reserves the right of free exit from the Union.

2. The Kazakh SSR takes measures for protection, protection and strengthening of national statehood.

Revival and development of original culture, traditions, language and strengthening of national advantage of the Kazakh nation and other nationalities living in Kazakhstan are one of the most important tasks of statehood of the Kazakh SSR.

3. The territory of the Kazakh SSR in the existing borders is indivisible and inviolable and cannot be used without its consent.

Any violent acts against the constitutional system of the Kazakh SSR, public calls for violation of integrity of its territory, and also kindling national discord from political parties, public organizations, mass associations other groups or individuals are pursued under the law.

4. Citizens of the Republic of all nationalities constitute the people of Kazakhstan, and it is the single carrier of sovereignty and source of the government in the Kazakh SSR, performs the government as it is direct, and through representative bodies on the basis of the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR.

The right to act on behalf of all people of the Republic belongs to the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR.

5. The Kazakh SSR has the nationality and guarantees to each citizen the right to preserving citizenship of the USSR.

All rights and freedoms provided by the Constitution of the USSR and the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR regardless of their national and party identity, origin, social and property status, floor and religion, occupation, the residence are guaranteed to the citizens living in the territory of the Republic. Infringement of civil and national equality is punished under the law.

The Kazakh SSR guarantees to the public, political and religious organizations, grass-roots movements operating within the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR equal legal opportunities to participate in the state and public life.

The Kazakh SSR regulates migratory processes in the Republic, between the Republic and other republics.

6. The government of the Kazakh SSR has supremacy, independence, completeness in the Republic, and also in the external relations within determined by the Allied agreement.

The Kazakh SSR independently resolves all issues connected with political, economic, social and national and cultural construction in the Republic, its administrative-territorial device, determines structure and competence of state governing bodies, and also Republic symbols.

7. The government in the Republic is performed by the principle of its separation on legislative, executive and judicial.

The legislature is performed by the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR.

The president is the head of the Republic and has the highest administrative executive authority.

The higher judicial authority belongs to the Supreme Court of the Kazakh SSR.

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