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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

On July 25, 2013 No. 466


of July 22, 2013 No. 1004

About education

(The last edition from 17-05-2018)

This Law determines legal, organizational, social and economic basis and the basic principles of state policy in the field of education.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

- educational literature - the hand-written and printing works published as the education guidance for all steps of education, advanced training, retraining and additional education;

- the state accreditation of educational institution determination of the status of educational institution for conducting educational activities according to the state educational standards;

- the graduate student - person with higher education studying in postgraduate study for the purpose of preparation of the thesis and receipt of academic degree of the candidate of science;

- release certification - procedure for establishment of compliance of content, level and quality of training of graduates of educational institutions to requirements of the state educational standards;

- the state certification of educational institution determination of compliance of material and personnel base of educational institution to requirements of the state educational standards and compliance of activities of educational institution for the established regulations;

- complex assessment of activities - repeated licensing, the next state certification and accreditation of educational institution in the integrated form of these transactions in at one time;

- the bachelor - the person having the first extent of higher education, who gained knowledge, abilities and professional skills of the theory and practice of the direction of the specialty;

- the training program - the document in which are reflected content of subject, purpose and task, method of the organization of training process, the requirement to the level of knowledge, skills of the student;

- internship - postdegree specialization for persons with the higher professional medical and pharmaceutical education;

- doctoral studies in the specialty - form of training of highly qualified scientific and scientific and pedagogical specialists in institutions of higher professional education and scientific institutions with assignment of academic degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) - the doctor in the specialty to persons having degree of the higher education of the master and for medical specialties - the master - the clinical intern;

- the student - person studying in steps of average professional and higher education (bachelor degree, magistracy and the specialist);

- education steps - the grade levels and education covering the periods of general (the initial, general basic and general average), initial professional, average professional, higher education and professional education after the highest educational institution;

- the textbook - the education guidance which is consistently reflecting bases of certain branch of science according to the training program;

- per capita financing - the financing constituted on the basis of the minimum regulations of financing, determined and distributed depending on type and type, step of education, location of educational institution on each student and educational institution;

- magistracy - the second extent of higher education which issues the diploma of the state sample to graduates of educational institutions of higher education after passing state exams or protection of the master thesis;

- training content - structure, content and amount of the training program which assimilation gives the chance of receipt of the education level and certain specialty;

- the authorized state body in the field of education controls the central executive body of the government of the Republic of Tajikistan which realizes state policy in the field of education and directs process of education and training in educational institutions, irrespective of form of business;

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