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of August 1, 2012 No. 890

About safety of foodstuff

This Law governs the public relations in the sphere of safety of foodstuff in the Republic of Tajikistan, for the purpose of protection of life and health of the person, consumer interests, protection of animal and flora and environmental protection.


Article 1. Coverage of this Law

1. This Law extends to activities for safety of foodstuff in case of production, conversion, transportation, storage, realization of foodstuff and their ingredients, including products of dietary, baby food and dietary supplements. Provisions of this Law also extend to the materials, products, packaging and auxiliary materials connected with foodstuff.

2. Provisions of this Law do not extend to live animals if they are not held for sale for the purpose of preparation of foodstuff for the population, on plants before harvesting or fruits, cosmetic products, tobacco and tobacco products.

Article 2. Basic concepts

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

- foodstuff - the products in the natural or processed (tinned) type eaten by the person including products of baby food, products of dietary food, butylirovanny drinking water, alcoholic products, beer, soft drinks, chewing gum, and also food staples, nutritional supplements and dietary supplements;

- products of baby food - the foodstuff intended for food of children aged up to 14 years and meeting physiological requirements of children's organism;

- products of dietary food - the foodstuff intended for clinical and preventive foods;

- functional foodstuff - the food of natural or artificial origin having pleasant taste and the expressed improving effect for the person, intended for everyday and systematic application. Functional food in certain cases is alternative of medicamentous therapy and is determined as product for people with the specific state of health;

- food staples - the raw materials of vegetable, animal or microbiological, mineral and artificial origin and water used for production of foodstuff;

- nutritional supplements - the natural or artificial substances and their connections which are specially entered into foodstuff in the course of their production for the purpose of giving to foodstuff and (or) preserving in them certain properties;

- dietary supplements - the natural biologically active agents intended for the use along with food or introductions in structure of foodstuff;

- the materials and products contacting to foodstuff (further - materials and products) - the materials and products applied to production of packagings, storage, transportations, realization and use of foodstuff including processing equipment, devices and devices, container, ware, dining facilities;

- safety of foodstuff - availability of reasonable confidence that foodstuff in case of usual conditions of their use is not harmful and does not constitute health hazard present and future generations;

- nutrition value of foodstuff - set of properties of foodstuff with which physiological needs of the person for necessary substances and energies are satisfied;

- the certificate of safety of foodstuff - the document of which compliance to safety requirements of foodstuff makes sure;

- certification - activities for confirmation of conformity of foodstuff to the requirements established by regulating documents;

- the certificate of conformity - the document issued by rules of system of certification for confirmation of conformity of the certified products to the requirements established by regulating documents;

- technical documents - documents (technical requirements, technological instructions, compoundings and others) according to which production, storage, transportation and realization of foodstuff, materials and products are performed;

- regulating documents - the documents accepted according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, including the documents establishing according to the international legal acts recognized by Tajikistan, mandatory requirements in the sphere of safety of foodstuff;

- counterfeited foodstuff - the foodstuff which is intentionally counterfeited under products of the real producer;

- identification of foodstuff - activities for establishment of compliance of certain foodstuff of information on such products containing in the documents and labels attached to them;

- utilization of foodstuff - conversion of unsafe foodstuff for product receipt, not intended for the food purposes;

- expiration date - the period of time estimated from the date of production of foodstuff during which they are suitable for the use;

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