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to the Decision of Council of the Euroasian economic commission of July 16, 2012 No. 54


(The last edition from 16-07-2019)

Section IX. Wood and products from it; charcoal; stopper and products from it; products from straw, alphas or from other materials for weaving; basket and other wattled products

Group 44. Wood and products from it; charcoal


1. Do not join in this group:

(a) the wood in the form of chips, shavings, sawdust or powder used mainly in perfumery, pharmacy or in the insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purposes (goods item 1211);

(b) the bamboos or other materials of the wood nature used mainly for weaving, raw, split or which are not split, are not sawn or sawn lengthways or are not cut or cut on length (goods item 1401);

(c) the wood in the form of chips, shavings, sawdust or powder used mainly for dyeing or tanning (goods item 1404);

(d) the activated charcoal (goods item 3802);

(e) products of goods item 4202;

(e) goods of group 46;

(g) footwear or its details of group 64;

(h) goods of group 66 (for example, umbrellas, canes and their parts);

(i) goods of goods item 6808;

(j) costume jewelry of goods item 7117;

(k) goods of the Section XVI or XVII (for example, parts of machines, casings, covers, cases of machines and equipment and product of master coach makers);

(l) goods of the Section XVIII (for example, watch case, musical instruments and their parts);

(m) parts of firearms (goods item 9305);

(o) group 94 products (for example, furniture, lamps and lighting equipment, combined building constructions);

(o) group 95 products (for example, toys, games, sports equipment);

(p) group 96 products (for example, pipes and their parts, button, pencils, monosupport, biped, tripods and similar products), except for wooden cases and handles for products of goods item 9603; or

(c) group 97 products (for example, works of art).

2. In this group the term "the pressed wood" means the wood subjected to chemical or physical processing (in case of connection together of layers processing shall be more considerable, than it is necessary for simple pasting of layers) therefore it acquires the increased density or hardness together with improvement of mechanical durability or resistance to chemical or electric impact.

3. Goods items 4414 - 4421 join products of the corresponding description from wood-shaving or similar plates, fiber boards, the layered or pressed wood is similar to products from wood.

4. 4410, 4411 or 4412 the profile characteristic of products of goods item 4409, can be given to products of goods item they can be bent, corrugated, perforated, cut or created in form, excellent from square or rectangular, or are subjected to any other processing provided that it does not give them properties of products of other goods items.

5. The goods item 4417 does not turn on tools which have edge, working edge, working surface or other working part are executed from any of the materials listed in the note 1 to group 82.

6. On condition of observance of provisions of the note 1 is higher and if the context does not require other, the term "wood" in goods items of this group belongs also to bamboo and other materials of the wood nature.

The note to subline items:

1. In subline item 4401 31 terms "sawdust or chips" mean by-products of production of the woodworking industry, furniture industry or other industries of conversion of wood, such as the cut-off shaving, sawdust or spill agglomerated or are direct pressing, or with addition of binding substance in the quantity which is not exceeding 3 Mas. %. Such granules have the form of the cylinder with a diameter no more than 25 mm and no more than 100 mm long.

Additional notes:

1. In goods item the 4405th term "wood flour" means wood powder, no more than 8 Mas. which % is kept on sieve with openings by the mm 0,63 size.

2. In subsubline items 4414 00 100 0, 4418 10 100 0, 4418 20 100 0, 4419 90 100 0, 4420 10 110 0 and 4420 90 910 0 term "wood of tropical breeds" means wood of the following breeds: аукумея Cline, триплохитон tverdosmolny, entandrofragma cylindrical, entandrofragma useful, Kaya иворензис, мимузопс Gekkelya, chlorophore high, or the African teak, entandrofragm Angola, mansoniya high, ilomba, or пикнантус angolezskiya, lovo (types), bombway magnificent, lofira winged, meranti with dark red wood, meranti with pale red wood, meranti to baka, wood of different types of meranti, parameranti, pentacme, sapwood wood of meranti of all types, parameranti, meranti of fagutsin and other types of meranti, fragre fragrant, dvukryloplodnik, гонистилюс Warburg, дриабаланопс fragrant, or camphoric tree, tic, or teak, jongkong, Baker's intsiya, diyer finely ribbed, koompassiya, virola Surinam, makhogoniyevy, or mahogany (Swietenia spp.), feba porous, balsa, black rosewood of Rio, black rosewood of Vapour and Brazilian pink tree.

Additional notes of the Eurasian Economic Union:

1. Subsubline items 4403 11 000 1, 4403 21 110 0, 4403 21 910 0, 4403 23 110 0, 4403 23 910 0, 4403 25 910 0, 4403 91 100 0, 4403 93 100 0, 4403 95 000 1 join round wood which are held for use in round type, and also for sawing up (or split) in the longitudinal direction for development of timber or cross ties for railway or tram tracks or for receipt of sheets for facing by planing or hulling.

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