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to the Decision of Council of the Euroasian economic commission of July 16, 2012 No. 54


(The last edition from 19-03-2019)

Section V. Mineral products

Group 25. Salt; sulfur; lands and stone; plaster materials, lime and cement


1. If in context or in the note 4 to this group other is not stipulated, then this group joins only products crude or washed out (including using the chemicals deleting impurity without change of product structure), shattered, ground, powdered, sifted, enriched by flotation, magnetic separation or with use of other mechanical or physical processes (except for crystallization). The products subjected to roasting, calcination, received by mixing or processed by the methods which are not specified in each goods item do not join in this group.

Products of this group may contain additives of the pylepodavlyayushchy agent provided that it does not change properties of product, doing it suitable rather for specific, than for regular application.

2. Do not join in this group:

(a) sulfur sublimated, besieged or colloid (goods item 2802);

(b) dyes mineral, containing 70 Mas. % or more chemically the connected iron in terms of Fe2O3 (goods item 2821);

(c) medicines or other products group 30;

(d) perfumery, cosmetic or toiletry preparations (group 33);

(e) stone blocks, curbstones or plates for paving (goods item 6801); cubes for mosaic or similar products (goods item 6802); slate for roof, facings or waterproofings (goods item 6803);

(e) stones precious or semiprecious (goods item 7102 or 7103);

(g) the crystals of sodium chloride or magnesium oxide which are artificially grown up (except optical elements) with weight each at least 2,5 of (goods item 3824); optical elements from sodium chloride or magnesium oxide (goods item 9001);

(h) are small for billiards (goods item 9504); or

(i) are small for the letter or drawing, are small for tailors (goods item 9609).

3. Any products which can join both in goods item 2517, and in any other goods item of this group shall join in goods item of 2517.

4. Join in goods item of 2530, inter alia: the vermiculite, perlite and chlorites which are not made foam; the natural pigments calcinated or not calcinated, mixed or unmixed; natural mica iron oxide; sepiolite (in the form of the polished or unpolished pieces); amber; the sepiolite agglomerated and the amber agglomerated in plates, rods, sticks or in similar forms, the castings which are not processed later; gagate (black amber); the strontianite (calcinated or not calcinated), except strontium oxide; fight of ceramics, brick or concrete.

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