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The agreement on preserving specialization of the companies and the organizations participating in military production within the Collective Security Treaty Organization

of December 10, 2010

The state members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (further - the CSTO) which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties.

recognizing need of maintenance and development of cooperation in the field of production of military products based on the developed production and scientific and technical cooperation,

being guided by mutual aspiration to development of integration of defensive industries of the Parties at long-term basis.

developing provisions of the Agreement on the basic principles of military and technical cooperation between the State Parties of the Agreement on collective security of the May 15, 1992 signed on June 20, 2000

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties provide necessary conditions on preserving specialization of the companies and the organizations participating in military production (further - PVN) and supply of materials and semifinished products necessary for this purpose, the completing elements and products, educational and auxiliary property, and also in performance of works and rendering military services, irrespective of their form of business and pattern of ownership within bilateral production and scientific and technical cooperation.

Article 2

For the purposes of this agreement the main terms having the following values are used:

"production of PVN" - activities of the companies for development, production, operation maintenance, including normal operation and upgrade, and also utilization of PVN;

"material" - the initial object of the labor consumed for production or ensuring operation of product;

"semifinished product" - the product of the company supplier which is subject to additional processing or assembly at the company consumer;

"the completing elements and products" - the elements and products issued by the companies suppliers and applied as components of the products issued by manufacturers;

"educational and auxiliary property" - the materials, details, nodes, aggregates used as educational material resources, and also providing its operation and repair when training staff and personnel;

"acceptance" - check of compliance of PVN to the requirements established on it and document creation about suitability of PVN to deliveries and/or use.

Article 3

Authorized bodies of the Parties on implementation of this agreement are:

from the Republic of Armenia - the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Armenia;

from the Republic of Belarus - the State military-industrial committee of the Republic of Belarus;

from the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

from the Kyrgyz Republic - the Ministry of economic regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic;

from the Russian Federation - the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;

from the Republic of Tajikistan - the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan;

from the Republic of Uzbekistan - the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In case of change of authorized body each Party through diplomatic channels puts also popularity of the Secretary general of the CSTO who notifies on it other Parties in accordance with the established procedure.

Article 4

The interstate commission after military-economic) to cooperation of the CSTO according to offers of authorized bodies of the Parties creates lists of the companies and organizations which specialization it is reasonable to keep for the benefit of military-economic state cooperation - members of the CSTO (further - Lists), and sends them to state members of the CSTO for approval of the Parties by the governments.

Article 5

Establishment of procedure and terms of removal from production of PVN issued by the companies and the organizations of the Parties specified in Lists, change of structure of these companies and organizations and also decision making about participation of the companies and organizations in joint developments and production of new samples of arms and military equipment is performed in coordination of authorized bodies of the Parties according to their national legal system.

Article 6

Supply of materials and semifinished products, the completing elements and products of educational and auxiliary property, performance of works and rendering the military services necessary for production of PVN are performed on the basis of intergovernmental agreements (agreements, contracts).

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