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of May 31, 1990 No. 64-XII

About the Government

(The last edition from 16-12-2016)

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Role of the Government

The government provides carrying out domestic and foreign policy of the state, performs the common directorship of public management and bears responsibility to Parliament.

The relations of the Government with the President of the Republic of Moldova are regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.

When implementing the powers the Government is guided by the program of the activities approved by Parliament.

Article 2. Basic principles of activities of the Government

The government in the activities:

1) is guided by the Constitution (Fundamental law) of the Republic of Moldova, other laws of the republic, presidential decrees of the Republic of Moldova and international treaties, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova;

2) proceeds from the principles of democracy, legality, equality and public usefulness;

3) provides collective nature and the personal liability of members of the government in the course of development, acceptance and implementation of decisions;

3. 1) is provided by transparency of process of development and adoption of resolutions, orders and ordinances;

4) tries to obtain application of scientific bases of management, considers and makes use of international experience in the sphere of the state construction.

Article 3. Main activities of the Government

According to the powers Government:

1) creates conditions for achievement and ensuring economic and political sovereignty of Moldova;

2) develops the concept of social and economic development of the republic, the program and the mechanism of transition to market economy;

3) provides freedom of enterprise, privatization, privatization, demonopolization of economy and development of the market relations;

4) develops strategy of scientific and technical development, performs national policy in the field of culture, sciences, technicians, technologies; resolves issues of state regulation of scientific and technical progress;

5) guarantees to all subjects of property freedom of economic activity, variety of patterns of ownership and their equality, shows care of preserving property;

5. 1) protects national interests in the sphere of economic, financial and currency activity;

6) economic cooperation with foreign countries in the conditions of development of contractual relations performs, forming of market infrastructure, the all-European and world integration;

6. 1) provides protection of national interests in foreign economic activity, pursues policy of free exchange proceeding from national interests;

8) creates reliable system of social protection of the population, creates conditions for increase in level of living, satisfaction of cultural and spiritual needs of citizens of the republic;

9) pursues state policy in the field of public health care;

9. 1) provides consumer protection by means of the organization and coordination of the state control and supervision of product quality (works, services);

10) provides rational use and safety of natural resources, ecological protection of the population and the environment;

11) promotes development of independence of bodies of public management at all levels;

12) is provided by legality, respect for public order, the rights and freedoms of citizens;

12-1) provides inclusion of the principle of gender equality in regulations and program documents;

13) performs policy of homeland security, directs activities for protection of the Republic of Moldova;

14) is provided by observance and execution of the laws, resolutions of Parliament, presidential decrees of the Republic of Moldova, international treaties, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova;

15) Performs foreign policy according to the competence.

Article 4. Structure and procedure for formation of the Government

The government is formed as a part of the Prime Minister, the first deputy, deputy prime ministers, ministers and other members determined by the law.

Persons having nationality of the Republic of Moldova and the residence in the country can only be members of the government.

The president of the Republic of Moldova after consultations with parliamentary fractions proposes the candidate for the Prime Minister's position.

The candidate for the Prime Minister's position for 15-day term after promotion asks Parliament to express vote of confidence to the program of activities and all structure of the Government.

The president of the Republic of Moldova based on the vote of confidence expressed by Parliament appoints the Government.

Within three days from the date of appointment of the Government the Prime Minister, his deputies, each of ministers and other members of the government take the oath which text is provided by part (2) article 79 of the Constitution before the President of the Republic of Moldova.

During the updating of the Government or emergence of vacant positions in it the President of the Republic of Moldova according to the proposal of the Prime Minister dismisses and appoints certain members of the government to position.

The government performs the powers from the date of bringing of the oath by his members before the President of the Republic of Moldova and before recognition valid elections of new Parliament. The members of the government appointed to positions according to part seven perform the powers after bringing of the oath in the same order.

Members of the government submit the declaration on the income and property in the procedure established by the law.

Article 5. Responsibility of government

The government bears responsibility for the activities to Parliament.

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