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of February 25, 1998 N1536-XIII

About hydrometeorological activities

(The last edition from 27-07-2018)

The parliament adopts this law.

This law regulates hydrometeorological activities in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and is directed to creation of conditions for satisfaction of requirement of the population, economy, national defense, and also bodies of the public power in hydrometeorological information.

Chapter I General provisions

Art. 1. - The purpose of this law is:

a) establishment of the legislative requirements imposed to hydrometeorological activities;

b) legal support of coordinate and effective functioning of national hydrometeorological network;

c) approval of national regulations of the legislation of the international precepts of law in the field of hydrometeorological activities;

d) creation of conditions for forming of the market relations in the field of production, collection, processings, the analysis, storage and use (provision, realization) information on state of environment and its pollution.

Art. 2. - Hydrometeorological activities are performed in single procedure in all territory of the country based on provisions of the Constitution, requirements of this law, recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and conventions in the field of hydrometeorology, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova.

Art. 3. - When implementing hydrometeorological activities the following principles shall be observed:

a) globality, complexity, systemacity and continuity of observations of state of environment and its pollution;

b) unity of evidence-based production technologies of observations, collection, processing, the analysis, storage and use of information on state of environment and its pollution in the territory of the country;

c) mandatory control and metrological supervision according to international standards of the measuring instruments used for hydrometeorological observations;

d) coordination and integration of activities of national hydrometeorological system with activities of the international hydrometeorological network;

e) availability, reliability of the made information on the actual and expected state of environment and its pollution, efficiency of use of this information.

Art. 4. - Hydrometeorological activities in the Republic of Moldova are performed by the public hydrometeorological service (further Service), and also the organizations having the corresponding permissions.

Art. 5. - In this law the following concepts are used: hydrometeorological activities - package of measures, directed to studying of condition and changes of the environment and servicing of the social and economic sphere, and also its long-term development;

Service - set organizationally and technologically interconnected bodies, the companies, organizations, the centers, the stations, posts providing accomplishment of complex of works in the field of meteorology, hydrology in other adjacent areas, including climatology, agricultural meteorology, monitoring of state of environment and its pollution, and provision of information on state of environment, its pollution and the spontaneous phenomena;

specialized information - the target information on state of environment and its pollution requiring additional costs on its obtaining, processing, the analysis, storage and provision according to requests of consumers;

National fund of hydrometeorological data - all data on state of environment and its pollution of hydrometeorological nature received in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and beyond its limits by subjects of national hydrometeorological network;

observations of state of environment both its zagryazneniyeminstrumentalny measurements and visual observations of the environment for the purpose of objective assessment of its meteorological, climatic, aerological, hydrological and agrometeorological characteristics, and also level of concentration of pollutants in it;

the supervisory network - system of the stationary and portable stations and posts observing state of environment and its pollution;

departmental supervisory network - the stations and posts which are conducting hydrometeorological observations and not being part of Service;

monitoring of the environment - system of observations, assessment and the forecast of state of environment and its pollution;

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