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of February 25, 1998 No. 1543-XIII

About the inventory of real estate

(The last edition from 15-11-2018)

The parliament adopts this law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Scope of the law

(1) This law determines procedure for creation and maintaining the inventory of real estate which provides public recognition of the property right and other property rights on real estate units, protection of these rights by the state, support of system of the taxation and the real estate market.

(2) This law extends to the legal relationship connected with the real estate which is in country limits irrespective of type of property and appointment, certain legislation as possible subject to registration.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following basic concepts are used:

the inventory - the state information system containing records about the earth, the related objects and rights to them. Consists of the inventory of real estate and specialized inventories;

the inventory of real estate - the main inventory which is single multipurpose system of state registration of real estate units and the rights to them and also cost assessment of these objects;

the specialized inventory - the inventory including the systematized data on real estate depending on the natural and other features determined by the legislation. Also other inventories belong to specialized inventories water, forest, town-planning;

the parcel of land - the part of the territory having the closed borders which area, location and other characteristics are reflected in the inventory of real estate;

structure - the building or construction firmly connected with the earth which movement is impossible without damage to its appointment. Can be independent subject to state registration;

the isolated room - internal part of structure, from divided from other adjacent parts of this structure walls or partitions without doorways and having separate exit to the landing, in corridor public, to the yard or on the street;

border - the imagined or physical line designating extreme points of the parcel of land and separating it other parcels of land. It can be designated on the area by material objects;

the cadastral plan - the graphical representation of the territory containing data on location, borders and cadastral numbers of the parcels of land, and also other data;

the geometrical plan - the technical document constituted as a result of measurements on the area with indication of borders of the parcel of land and structures located on it;

cadastral number - the individual, not repeating in the territory of the country number of the real estate unit assigned according to the stipulated by the legislation procedure and kept during the entire period of existence of the real estate unit as single object of the right;

conditional cadastral number - the temporary cadastral number assigned to the real estate unit in case assignment of cadastral number is impossible, and subject replacement by cadastral number;

cadastral case - the systematized collection of documents of title, schemes, plans, drawings and other documents for each real estate unit;

monitoring of real estate units - watch system behind changes of structure of real estate units and transition or encumbrance of the rights to them;

state registration of property rights on the real estate unit (further - registration of the rights) - entering into the real estate register of record about the real estate unit, about the property right and other property rights to it, and also about owners;

the real estate register - system of the records about real estate units and property rights executed according to this law on them;

primary state registration - entering of the first record into the real estate register about the real estate unit, property rights on it and owners;

the current state registration - modification of the real estate register;

the title document - the agreement, the administrative act or other stipulated by the legislation document which is the basis for origin, change or the termination of property rights;

encumbrance - property rights on the real estate unit of persons who are not his owners (mortgage, lease, the servitude, etc.);

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