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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

of December 18, 2009 No. 554

Approved by the Order of the Chief of Head department of geology under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of October 29, 2009 No. 13

The instruction about content, registration and procedure for submission to State commission of the Republic of Tajikistan on inventories of minerals of materials of the inventories of minerals proving permanent standards on mineral raw material and counted in subsoil

(The last edition from 18-03-2014)

1. This Instruction is developed according to Item 8 of the Regulations on State commission of the Republic of Tajikistan on inventories of minerals approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of December 30, 2007 No. 656 and determines relevant requirements and instructions to content, rules of registration and procedure for representation in state examination of the materials proving permanent standards on mineral raw material for stock counting and materials of stock counting of minerals in subsoil. Besides will provide prospecting information which completeness and quality are sufficient for decision making about carrying out further prospecting works or about involvement of inventories of proved fields in industrial development, and also about designing new or reconstruction of the existing companies for production and conversion of minerals.

Chapter 1. General provisions

2. Basic concepts:

The field geological economic evaluation - determines possible economic effect of use of explored reserves in the industry. It is based on results of conducting exploration works which are generalized in case of stock counting of mineral in subsoil and includes the cumulative analysis of the factors determining cost efficiency of field operation and efficiency of capital investments in construction of industrial complex

The Feasibility Statement (FS) - the project document containing technical and economic parameters of the field development project and assessment of economic feasibility of its realization, constituted for determination of initial balance of economic interests of contract parties on mining;

Mineral raw material - the part of subsoil taken on surface (rock formation, crude ore and others) containing mineral (minerals);

Minerals - the natural mineral education containing in subsoil in strong, liquid or gaseous state (including ground waters and therapeutic muds), suitable for use in production of goods;

Subsoil - the part of earth crust located below soil stratum, or with exits of minerals to surface, and in the absence of soil stratum - below the land surface and bottom of lakes, the rivers and other reservoirs, stretching to depths available to carrying out transactions on subsurface use taking into account scientific and technical progress;

The field - the part of subsoil containing natural accumulation of mineral (minerals);

Conversion of mineral raw material - the works connected with extraction of mineral (minerals) from mineral raw material;

Passing minerals - the mineral complexes, minerals, metals and other chemical elements and their connections integrated and got with the main mineral which production and conversion in case of development of the main mineral is profitable and which economic use is economically reasonable;

Balance reserves - inventories of mineral raw material which use in case of the reached technological level is economically reasonable.

Off-balance inventories - inventories of mineral raw material which use in case of the reached technological level is economically inexpedient, but which can be further subject to industrial development.

Mining - complex of processes on extraction of minerals of subsoil.

Search works - the stage of exploration works which is carried out for the purpose of identification and okonturivaniye of perspective sites and shows of minerals, determination of forecast resources, their preliminary geological economic evaluation and reasons for further exploration works;

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