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of January 7, 2003 No. 370-II

About the electronic document and the electronic digital signature

(The last edition from 24-11-2015)

This Law is directed to regulation of the relations arising during creation and use of the electronic documents certified by means of electronic digital signatures, providing establishment, change or the termination of legal relationship, and also the rights and obligations of participants of the legal relationship arising in the field of the circulation of electronic documents including making of civil transactions.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) authorized body in the field of informatization - the central executive body performing management and cross-industry coordination in the field of informatization and "the electronic government";

2) special certification center - the authorized division of state body of the Republic of Kazakhstan certifying the compliance of public key of the electronic digital signature to private key of the electronic digital signature performing the activities connected with use of the data constituting the state secrets;

3) authorized body of management of archives and documentation - the central executive body archives and documentation;

4) certification center - the legal entity certifying compliance of public key of the electronic digital signature to private key of the electronic digital signature, and also confirming reliability of the registration certificate;

5) accreditation of certification center - official recognition by authorized body in the field of informatization of competence of certification center of rendering services;

6) the signing person - the physical person or legal entity which legally is owning private key of the electronic digital signature and having rights to its use in the electronic document;

7) the electronic copy of the document - the document which is completely reproducing type and information (data) of the authentic document in electronic and digital form;

8) the public technical service - the republican state company on the right of economic maintaining created according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

9) the registration certificate - the paper document or the electronic document issued by the certification center for confirmation of conformity of the electronic digital signature to requirements established by this Law;

10) the owner of the registration certificate - physical person or legal entity addressed to which the registration certificate legally owning the private key corresponding to the public key specified in the registration certificate is granted;

11) electronic archive - set of archive electronic documents;

12) the electronic document - the document in which information is provided in electronic and digital form and is certified by means of the electronic digital signature;

13) electronic document management - exchange of electronic documents between state bodies, physical persons and legal entities;

14) electronic document management system - system of exchange of electronic documents, the relations between which participants are governed by this Law and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

15) the member of electronic document management system - the physical person or legal entity, state body or the official participating in processes of collection, processing, storage, transfer, search and distribution of electronic documents;

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