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of January 4, 2003 No. 176-Z

About gas supply

(The last edition from 17-07-2018)

Accepted by the House of Representatives on December 17, 2002

Approved by Council of the Republic on December 20, 2002

This Law determines legal, economic and organizational basis of regulation of the relations in the field of gas supply and is directed to creation of conditions for providing consumers with gas, and also for effective, reliable and safe operation of objects of gas supply system.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The main terms used in this Law and their determinations

For the purposes of this Law the following main terms and their determinations are used:

gas - the natural gas, oil (passing) gas, stripped dry gas, the liquefied oil gas extracted and collected by the gas and oil extracting organizations or produced by the gas and oil overworking organizations;

gas supply - one of power supply forms representing activities for providing consumers with gas;

gas supply system - the industrial complex consisting from technologically, organizationally and economically interconnected and on a centralized basis the managed production and other facilities intended for transportation, gas storage and supply with gas;

gas-distribution system - the industrial complex entering gas supply system and consisting from organizationally and economically interconnected objects intended for the organization of supply with gas directly of consumers of gas;

the owner of objects of gas supply system - the Republic of Belarus, other state, their administrative and territorial units, legal entities and physical persons, including the individual entrepreneurs who acquired the property right to gas supply system objects on the bases, stipulated by the legislation the Republic of Belarus;

conservation zones of objects of gas-distribution system - the territory with special conditions of land use which adjoin to gas pipelines and other objects of gas-distribution system and are necessary for ensuring their safe operation;

the gas supplying organization - the owner of objects of gas-distribution system and (or) person authorized by him, the performing supplies with gas of consumers of gas and rendering transportation services of gas to consumers of gas;

the supplier of gas - the organization and (or) the individual entrepreneur who is owners of gas, or persons delivering gas to buyers of gas under the delivery agreement on bulk distribution lines authorized by them;

the consumer of gas - the legal entity or physical person, including the individual entrepreneur acquiring gas at the gas supplying organization and using it for the purposes in fuel quality (including motor for vehicles) or raw materials;

gasification - sales activity of scientific and technical and project decisions, to implementation of the construction and organizational actions directed to transfer of objects of housing and communal services, industrial, agricultural and other facilities into use of gas as fuel and energy resource.

Article 2. Coverage of this Law

This Law governs the relations in the field of gas supply arising when ensuring needs of the state and consumers of gas in gas and also during the designing, construction, repair and reconstruction, commissioning and operation, conclusion from operation, preservation and (or) liquidation of objects of gas supply system.

Operation of this Law does not extend to the relations arising during the functioning, creation, operation, preservation and liquidation of bulk distribution lines.

Article 3. Legislation on gas supply

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus on gas supply is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and consists of this Law and other acts of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Article 4. International agreements

If the international treaty existing for the Republic of Belarus establishes other rules, than those which contain in this Law then are applied rules of the international treaty.

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