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Approved by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan from "__" _________ 2009 No.

Rules of industrial safety during the exploration works

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. These rules of industrial safety during the exploration works (further - Rules) extend to searches and investigation of mineral deposits, research, engineering and prospecting, project and design works for these purposes.

2. All exploration works are performed on the approved projects.

3. Are developed for exploration works:

1) liquidation plan of accidents;

2) regulations on production supervision;

3) production schedules.

4. Exploration works and geological researches of all types in the territory of activities of other organizations are conducted in coordination with management of these organizations.

5. Start-up in work of new objects, objects after capital repairs or reconstruction is made after acceptance by their commission appointed by the head of the organization.

6. Check of the technology self-propelled and portable (floating) prospecting installations of condition (boring, geophysical, tunnelling, hydrogeological and others) mounted on vehicles, trail cars, the sled bases (bases) if in case of their movements from one point of works of another rewiring of the equipment is not required (changes of delivery lines, replacements of load-lifting devices, changes of working passes and so forth), is made with record in the passport.

7. All objects of exploration works (sites of drilling, gornorazvedochny and geophysical operations, geological and film-making and searching parties, groups are provided with the round-the-clock communication system with base of batch or expedition.

8. Workers and specialists are provided with special clothes, special footwear and other means of individual and collective protection according to conditions of works.

Issue, storage and use of individual protection equipment (further - SIZ) and means of collective protection (further - SKZ) is made according to requirements of providing workers of SIZ, SKZ, sanitary and household rooms, devices and treatment-and-prophylactic means.

9. In case of accomplishment of engineering procedures are provided:

1) microclimate of production rooms;

2) admissible noise level on workplaces;

3) admissible level of vibration of workplaces.

Person of control takes measures to danger elimination; in case of impossibility of elimination of danger - stops works, removes working to the safe place and informs the senior on position.

11. Employees of the prospecting organizations using the aircraft transport are instructed regarding observance of security measures on runway platforms, when landing and in case of exit from insides of airplanes and helicopters.

12. Delivery of personnel and loads and on runway platforms of the geological organizations is carried out to the airports under the leadership of person of control.

13. In case of operation of watercrafts and movements on them safety of navigation and navigation is ensured.

14. Persons in condition of alcoholic, drug or toxic intoxication, in disease state are not allowed to work.

15. In the geological organizations the procedure for delivery of victims and diseased from sites of field works in the nearest medical institution is established.

16. Adverse effects of impact on the environment in case of production of exploration works are liquidated by the organizations performing these works.

On the chemical reagents applied during the work on objects of works production schedules on their application with indication of measures of protection of people and the environment are developed.

17. The personnel of the prospecting organizations conform to requirements of the General rules of industrial safety approved by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 29, 2008 No. 219.

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