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Approved by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan from "__" _________ 2009 No.

Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of stationary compressor installations, air ducts and gas pipelines

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. These rules extend to stationary piston and rotational compressors installed capacity from 14 kW and above, and also to vessels of compressor installations (air collectors, gas collectors, maslovlagootdelitel and other reservoirs), the air ducts and gas pipelines using air and inert gases with pressure from 0,2 to 40 MPas (from 2 to 400 kgfs/cm 2).

Rules do not extend to designing, installation and operation of centrifugal and axial compressor machines; the compressors using explosive, toxic, radioactive gases and gases of acetylene series.

2. Designing of delivery pipelines of compressor installations is made according to these rules, the industry scientific and technical documentation (STD), construction regulations and rules (Construction Norms and Regulations).

3. In pipeline project are specified:

1) settlement service life;

2) settlement resource;

3) settlement number of start-up (for the pipelines working under pressure of more than 4 MPas (40 kgfs/cm 2);

4) the size of trial pressure in case of hydraulic testing of the pipeline, MPa (kgf/cm 2);

5) hold time of the pipeline under trial pressure in case of hydraulic testing, min.;

6) pressure size during the testing of the pipeline for density, MPa (kgf/cm 2);

7) hold time of the pipeline with test pressure upon density, hour;

8) the admissible size of pressure drop in the pipeline in case of its testing for density, % an hour.

4. Materials (pipes, branch pipes, bent elements (knee), compensators, flanges, caps, laying, armature, electrodes, welding wire, bolts, hairpins, nuts and so forth), the methods and amount of control of welded connections applied in case of production, installation and repair of pipelines of compressor installations are determined by the project organization and are specified in the project.

5. All changes in the project are approved with the organization which developed the project.

6. Connection of elements, armature and details of pipelines is made by welding.

Application of flange connections is allowed only for connection of pipelines to armature and the details of the equipment having flanges.

Threaded connections are allowed for connection of instrumentations (manometers, sleeves of thermometers and so forth).

7. The Troynikovy connections produced from pipes with longitudinal seam are allowed to be applied to the pipelines working under pressure of no more 1,2 of MPa (12 kgfs/cm 2); at the same time quality check of welded seams on all length is carried out by radiography or ultrasonic defectoscopy (BRIDLES).

8. Pipelines and the bearing metal designs have reliable protection against corrosion.

9. All elements of pipelines with temperature of outside surface of wall are above 45 °C located in places, available to service personnel, become covered by thermal isolation which temperature of outside surface is not above 45 °C.

10. Vvark of unions, drain and blowing-off tubes and other details in welded seams, and also in pipelines is not allowed.

11. The design of curvilinear elements (bent, cast, stamped) the pipeline conforms to requirements of the specifications and technical documentation.

12. Thickness of wall of bent element (knee) on any its site is at least values established by calculation on durability and TU on production.

The measurement of thickness of walls is checked by the technique specified in the specifications and technical documentation product.

13. The maximum ovality of cross section of knee is calculated on formula:

where D Hmax, D Hmin - the maximum and minimum outer diameter in the measured knee section respectively.

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