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The convention between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Moldova on cooperation in the field of quarantine of plants

of March 17, 1998

The government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Moldova which are referred to as with Contracting Parties

being guided by desire to deepen cooperation in the field of quarantine of plants,

aiming to enhance protection of the territories of both countries against drift of quarantine and other especially dangerous harmful organisms and to limit the losses arising owing to their impact

for the purpose of simplification of mutual trade and exchange sowing and landing materials and goods of phytogenesis, hereinafter referred to as with quarantine freights,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

For the purpose of this Convention quarantine organisms are understood as wreckers, diseases of plants and weeds according to the appendices N 1 and 2 to this Convention.

Competent authorities of one Contracting Party can change or supplement in the future lists of quarantine organisms with the notification on it of competent authorities of other Contracting Party.

Changes or amendments will become effective from the date of receipt of the notification on it.

Article 2

Contracting parties will be:

when importing, exporting and transit of quarantine freights to take the measures necessary for prevention of drift in the territory of the countries of quarantine organisms;

inform each other in writing on emergence of new quarantine organisms in the territories of the and other countries, on their distribution and measures of fight against them;

report each other about changes and additions made to the existing phytosanitary rules regulating export, import and transit of quarantine freights;

give scientific, technical and other assistance in holding actions for identification, localization and liquidation of the centers of quarantine organisms;

perform exchange of specialists for the purpose of conducting selective quarantine check of quarantine freights in places of their production and procurement, the operational solution of questions of quarantine of plants on border check-points, and also for studying of achievements in the field of quarantine of plants;

direct at the request of one of Contracting Parties of specialists and expedition for holding actions for fight against quarantine organisms.

Article 3

Each batch of the quarantine freight which is subject to phytosanitary control shall be followed by the phytosanitary certificate issued by competent authorities of the exporting country and confirmatory that freight is not infected with quarantine organisms in live condition and conforms to the phytosanitary requirements imposed by the importing country.

Availability of the phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country does not exclude the right of the importing country to carry out quarantine inspection of the imported freight and to perform necessary actions if freight does not meet the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country.

Transit of quarantine freights through the territories of the states of Contracting Parties is allowed only in the presence of import quarantine permission to the right of import of this freight issued by service of quarantine of plants of the importing country.

Each batch of quarantine freight which is conveyed as transit goods through the territory of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and through the territory of the Republic of Moldova on the territory of the Russian Federation shall be followed also by the phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country on which the stamp is put "transit across the territory of the Russian Federation is resolved" or "transit across the territory of the Republic of Moldova is resolved".

Article 4

Competent authorities of Contracting Parties reserve the right when purchasing job lots of quarantine freight to impose additional requirements to phytosanitary condition of this freight.

Article 5

Export, import and transit of quarantine freight across the territory of the Russian Federation and the territory of the Republic of Moldova will be performed through the border check-points determined by quarantine service of the importing country.

Article 6

When exporting quarantine freight will be applied as packaging material of shaving, sawdust, paper, plastic and other materials which cannot be carriers of quarantine organisms and shall be free from the soil, and hay, straw, chaff, leaves and other plant materials will not be used without prior consent competent authorities of Contracting Parties.

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