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of May 29, 2008 No. 515

About approval of the Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Pesticides (Agricultural Chemicals)"

According to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 3, 2002 "About protection of plants" and on November 9, 2004 "About technical regulation" the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Pesticides (Agricultural Chemicals)".

2. This resolution becomes effective after six months from the date of the first official publication.


Prime Minister

Republic of Kazakhstan K. Masimov

Approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of May 29, 2008, No. 515

Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Pesticides (Agricultural Chemicals)"

1. Scope

2. Requirements of this Technical regulation extend to the pesticides (agricultural chemicals) and their active ingredients which are objects of technical regulation, classified according to classification of goods in the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of RK), specified in appendix 1 to this Technical regulation.

2. Terms and determinations

3. In this Technical regulation the following terms and determinations are used:

active ingredient - biologically active part of pesticide (agricultural chemical) containing in preparative form;

biological medicine (biological product, biopesticide) - medicine in which the operating beginning is the microorganism or product of its activity;

herbicide - pesticide (agricultural chemical) intended for destruction of undesirable vegetation;

harmful organisms - wreckers, weeds and diseases of plants which are negatively operating on the soil, vegetation and agricultural products;

insecticide - pesticide (agricultural chemical) intended for protection of plants against harmful insects;

turnover of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - processes (stages) of realization (sale or delivery) pesticides (agricultural chemicals), including import (import) and export (export) of pesticides (agricultural chemicals), and also the related processes of packing, packaging, marking, storage and transportation;

pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - the chemical, biological and other substances used against harmful and especially dangerous harmful organisms and also for preharvesting drying, removal of leaves and regulation of growth of plants;

class of danger of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - separation of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) by types of danger and categories for detection of their properties which render harmful impact on life and health of the person and state of environment;

neutralization of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - the actions directed to utilization or destruction of the forbidden or become useless pesticides (agricultural chemicals), and also container from under them according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

residual amount of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - quantitative index of content of chemicals in crop products and objects of the environment by means of which their safety for the person and animals is estimated;

safety of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - lack of the unacceptable risk of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) connected with damnification of life, to health of citizens, the environment, including plant and animal life taking into account combination of probability of realization of dangerous factor and severity of its consequences;

danger of pesticide (agricultural chemical) - probability of adverse effect per capita and the environment;

the material safety data sheet of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - the document containing data on characteristics of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) and measures for safety in case of their application;

state registration of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) the procedure finishing process of biological, toxicological, sanitary and epidemiologic and ecological assessment of medicines by results of which the registration certificate on the right of their application in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on protection of plants is issued to physical persons and legal entities;

production (formulyation) of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) engineering procedure of production of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) on the basis of initial components;

recommendations about use of pesticide (agricultural chemical) - the document of the producer (supplier) containing data on procedure for use of pesticide (agricultural chemical) and the safety requirements providing protection of health of the population and the environment against their harmful effects;

regulations of use (application) - the requirement to conditions and procedure for use of pesticides (agricultural chemicals);

identification of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - establishment of identity of characteristics of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) to their essential signs;

the list of pesticides (agricultural chemicals) - the list of the registered pesticides (agricultural chemicals) allowed for use in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

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