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of July 10, 2007 No. 257-Z

About fauna

(The last edition from 18-07-2016)

Accepted by the House of Representatives on June 7, 2007

Approved by Council of the Republic on June 22, 2007

This Law establishes the legal basis of protection and steady use of objects of fauna and the circle of their dwelling for the purpose of preserving biological diversity, prevention of harm of life and to health of wild animals from harmful effects of anthropogenous factors, diseases, emergency situations, adverse conditions of the environment and providing capability of objects of fauna to satisfy economic, esthetic and other requirements present and future generations.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The terms and concepts applied to the purposes of this Law, and their determination

1. Acclimatization of wild animals - providing adaptation of wild animals to the new habitat as a result of their introduction with formation of stable self-replicating populations.

2. Area of type of wild animals (further, unless otherwise specified, area) - the field of geographical distribution of individuals of certain type of wild animals irrespective of degree of permanency of its dwelling, except for places of accidental hit.

3. Disastrous state of wild animals - finding of wild animals in the conditions posing threat for their health and (or) capable to lead to their death (in the centers of infectious diseases of animals, the fires, in case of flood, drought, ice, poisoning, Zamora in water object, crossing on water and slippery ice, depletion from lack of forages, and also in other similar conditions).

4. Biological diversity of fauna - variety of wild animals within type of wild animals, between types of wild animals and in natural ecological systems.

5.  No. 326-Z is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 23.12.2015

6.  No. 326-Z is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 23.12.2015

7.  No. 326-Z is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 23.12.2015

8. Type of wild animals - taxonomical unit, genetically and (or) reproduktivno the isolated set of the individuals of the wild animals forming populations, having general morpho-physiological signs and occupying general (continuous or partially broken off) area.

9. Reproduction of wild animals - natural (regulated or non-regulated) or artificial process of renewal of wild animals, recovery of their quality and quantity characteristics as a part of population.

10. Installation of wild animals - the activities directed to release of wild animals in grounds.

11. The state inventory of fauna - the systematized code of the types of wild animals this about geographical distribution, quantitative and high-quality characteristics of objects of fauna, about economic evaluation and use of their resources, and also other data on the objects of fauna necessary for ensuring their protection and steady use.

12. Derivative - derivative of wild animal (caviar, eggs, hunting trophies, effigies, souvenirs, jewelry and other products), and also products of their conversion (medical, food, perfumery and cosmetic, etc.).

13. Wild animals are mammals, birds, reptiles, Amphibia, fishes, insects and other animals living on the earth (on surface, in the soil, in underground emptiness), in surface water and the atmosphere in the conditions of natural freedom, and also wild animals in bondage.

14. Wild animals in bondage are the wild animals caught from the circle of their dwelling and their posterity containing and (or) divorced in conditions with restriction of their natural freedom.

15.  No. 326-Z is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 23.12.2015

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