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of January 24, 2001 No. 57-II

About National flag of Turkmenistan (new edition)

(In edition of the Laws of Turkmenistan of 26.03.2011, 20.10.2018)

Article 1. National flag of Turkmenistan is symbol of unity and independence of the nation and neutrality of the state.

Article 2. National flag of Turkmenistan represents rectangular panel. The flag width relation to its length constitutes one to one and a half.

Flag of green color. On red and claret strip five main carpet gels are from top to down located: to akhalteka, yonut, salyr, chovdur, ersara which symbolize friendship and unity of the Turkmen people. Each of gels is framed with carpet ornament which outer edge is combined with edges of strip. In the lower part of red and claret strip two olive branches which are crossed at the bases and directed in different directions are represented. Everyone - consists of ten leaves decreasing by the ends located in pairs except lower and upper.

On most green part in the left upper corner the half moon and five five-pointed stars of white color are represented.

Article 3. National flag of Turkmenistan is hoisted:

on buildings of the Presidential palace, Majlis of Turkmenistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, the ministries, departments, other public authorities, local executive bodies and local government bodies – it is permanent;

in venues of meetings of Majlis of Turkmenistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Hulk Maslakhata of Turkmenistan, velayatsky, etrapsky, city Hulk of maslakhata and Gengesha - for the entire period of holding meetings;

on buildings of the companies, organizations and organizations, and also on apartment houses - it is permanent;

on buildings of diplomatic, consular and other representations of Turkmenistan abroad - it is permanent;

on vehicles in case of stay of the President of Turkmenistan on them, diplomatic and other official representatives of Turkmenistan. Other circumstances and cases of application of National flag of Turkmenistan can be provided by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Article 4. Prispusk of National flag of Turkmenistan as mourning action is performed in memorable days: On January 12 and on October 6. National flag of Turkmenistan can be lowered a little as mourning action in other cases according to the announced decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

Article 5. National flag of Turkmenistan, its color, the image, the sizes and material shall correspond to the parameters, color, material and the image established by the Regulations on National flag of Turkmenistan approved by the President of Turkmenistan.

Article 6. The greeting (honor afterfeast) is given to National flag of Turkmenistan in case of rise and descent of the Flag, and also when passing by solemn march - in provision is "quiet".

Article 7. The insult of National flag of Turkmenistan in oral and written form, by action (behavior) and in any other form, and also the disrespectful attitude towards him is not allowed.

Article 8. Persons which violated requirements of this Law bear responsibility      according to the current legislation of Turkmenistan.


President of Turkmenistan

Saparmurat Turkmenbashi

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