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of December 27, 1991 No. 2124-1

About mass media

(The last edition from 27-12-2018)

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Freedom of mass information

In the Russian Federation

search, obtaining, production and distribution of mass information,

organization of mass media, ownership, use and order them,

production, acquisition, storage and operation of the technical devices and the equipment, raw materials and materials intended for production and distribution of products of mass media

are not subject to restrictions, except for stipulated by the legislation the Russian Federation about mass media.

Article 2. Mass media. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this Law:

mass information is understood as the printing, audio-, audiovisual and other messages and materials intended for the unrestricted group of people;

mass media are understood as the periodic printing edition, online media, TV channel, radio channel, TV program, radio program, the video program, the film chronicle program, other form of periodic distribution of mass information as the permanent name (name);

the periodic printing edition is understood as the newspaper, the log, the almanac, the bulletin, other edition having the permanent name (name), the current issue and which is published at least once a year;

radio - the TV, video, film chronicle program is understood as the set of periodic audio-, audiovisual messages and materials (transfers) having the permanent name (name) and which is published (in air) at least once a year;

products of mass media are understood as the circulation or part of circulation of separate number of the periodic printing edition, separate release of TV channel, radio channel, radio program, TV program, the film chronicle program, circulation or part of circulation audio-or videos of the program, separate release or updating of online media, separate release of other mass media;

distribution of products of mass media is understood as sale, subscription, delivery, distribution of the periodic printing edition, audio-or videos of the program, broadcasting of TV channel, radio channel (television broadcasting, broadcasting), broadcasting of TV program, radio program as a part of respectively TV channel, radio channel, demonstration of the film chronicle program, provision of access to online media, different ways of distribution;

specialized mass media are understood as such mass media, for registration or distribution of products of which this Law establishes special rules;

the editorial office of mass media is understood as the organization, organization, the company or the citizen, the consolidation of citizens performing production and release of mass media;

the editor-in-chief is understood as person heading edition (irrespective of the name of position) and making the final decisions on production and release of mass media;

the journalist is understood as person who is engaged in editing, creation, collection or preparation of messages and materials for the editorial office of the registered mass media, related by employment or other contractual relations or engaged in such activities for its authorization;

the publisher is understood as publishing house, other organization, the company (entrepreneur) performing material logistics of production of mass media, and also the legal entity or the citizen equated to the publisher for whom these activities are not the main or is not the main source of the income;

the distributor is understood as person performing distribution of products of mass media under the agreement with edition, the publisher or on other legal causes.

the TV channel, radio channel is understood as the set created according to broadcasting schedule (program schedule) and published (air) under the permanent name (name) and with the established frequency TV, radio programs and (or) according to others audiovisual, sound messages and materials. The rules established by this Law and other legal acts of the Russian Federation for TV program, radio program are applied to TV channel, radio channel if other is not established by this Law;

the broadcaster is understood as the Russian legal entity performing forming of TV channel or radio channel and its distribution in accordance with the established procedure based on the license for television broadcasting, broadcasting;

the online media is understood as the website on the Internet registered as mass media according to this Law;

obligatory public TV channels and (or) radio channels are understood as TV channels and (or) radio channels which are determined according to this Federal Law and broadcastings without collection of payment from consumers (TV viewers, radio listeners) for the right of viewing, listening are subject to distribution in all circles;

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