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The agreement on zone, free from nuclear weapon, in Central Asia

of September 8, 2006

Parties of this Agreement,

being guided by the Almaty declaration of heads of the Central Asian states adopted on February 28, 1997, the Statement of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of five states of the region adopted in Tashkent on September 15, 1997, the resolutions and decisions of the General Assembly of the United Nations 52/38 S of December 9, 1997, 53/77 A of December 4, 1998, 55/33 W of December 20, 2000, 57/69 of November 22, 2002, 58/518 of December 8, 2003, 59/513 of December 3, 2004 and 60/516 of December 8, 2005 entitled "Creation of zone, free from nuclear weapon in Central Asia" and the Communique of the Advisory meeting of experts of the Central Asian countries, the states having the nuclear weapon, and the United Nations accepted in Bishkek on July 9, 1998

emphasizing need of continuation of systematic and consecutive efforts on reducing nuclear weapon at the global level with ultimate goal of liquidation of this weapon, and also general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control and being convinced that all states shall make contribution to achievement of this purpose,

being convinced that the zone, free from nuclear weapon, in Central Asia will represent important step on the way to strengthening of the mode of nuclear non-proliferation, development of cooperation in use of nuclear energy in the peace purposes, to development of cooperation in ecological rehabilitation of the territories, victims of radioactive infection, and to strengthening of regional and international peace and safety,

considering that the zone, free from nuclear weapon, in Central Asia will promote strengthening of safety of the Central Asian states, especially if five states having nuclear weapon which are recognized as those in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968 (further the referred to as NNPT) join the enclosed Protocol on security guarantees,

recognizing that in a number of regions, including Latin America and the Caribbean Region, the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia and Africa, zones, free from nuclear weapon in which possession of nuclear weapon, its development, production, introduction and expansion, and also application or threat of its application are forbidden are created, and aiming to extend such mode to all planet for the benefit of all live,

confirming the obligations stated in the NNPT, "The principles and the purposes of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament" accepted at the Conference of 1995 of participants of the NNPT on consideration and prolongation of validity, and the Final document of the Conference of 2000 of participants of the NNPT on the review of the Agreement, and also the principles and the purposes stated in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty of 1996 (further the referred to as DVZYaI),

decided to create in Central Asia zone, free from nuclear weapon, and agreed as follows:

Article 1 Determination and use of terms

For the purposes of this Agreement and Protocol to it:

a) "the zone, free from nuclear weapon, in Central Asia" includes the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan;

b) "nuclear weapon or other nuclear destructive device" means any weapon or other destructive device capable to emit nuclear energy, irrespective of the military or civil purpose for which this weapon or device can be used. This term includes such weapon or the device in not collected or partially collected type, but does not include means of transportation or delivery of such weapon or the device if they are separable from it and are not its integral part;

c) "placement" means import, the room, accumulating, storage, installation and expansion;

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