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of June 26, 1991

About priority providing agro-industrial complex with material resources

(In edition of the Federal Laws of June 24, 1992, on February 2, 2006 No. 19-FZ)

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic principles and coverages of the Law.

1. This Law establishes legal and economic basis of priority of agro-industrial complex in providing with material resources in the conditions of transition to the market commodity-money relations. The law is directed to protection of interests of the companies of agro-industrial complex in the Russian Federation.

2. Operation of this Law extends on:

the kolkhozes, sovkhozes, the intereconomic companies, rent collectives, cooperatives, peasant (farmer), subsidiary farms and garden and garden partnerships, the companies of consumer cooperation, scientific, educational, design (experimental) institutions overworking machine-building, technical repair, construction and other enterprises and the organizations of agro-industrial complex;

the manufacturers of products delivered in agro-industrial complex, which are in the territory of RSFSR and also the transport organizations providing transportations of these products;

companies and organizations of system of material logistics of agro-industrial complex.

Section II. Organizational support of priority

Article 2. Sources of providing agro-industrial complex with material resources in the conditions of transition to market economy

Providing agro-industrial complex with material resources for transition to the market relations is performed on basis:

the state order on industrial goods according to the major nomenclature;

deliveries according to the signed allied and interrepublican contracts with agreements;

free acquisition in the market of means of production;

purchases of products abroad.

Article 3. Principles of implementation of priority

For the purpose of more complete requirements satisfaction of agro-industrial complex in means of production this Law introduces specific mode of priority providing with material resources and the following principles of its implementation are established:

1. Manufacturers of products for agro-industrial complex sign agreements and provide delivery of these products in first-priority procedure, proceeding from normative requirement as on products on which the state order, and on freely implementable is established.

2. For production of all types of products delivered to agro-industrial complex according to the state order, material resources are allocated in first-priority procedure and in full.

3. The companies and the organizations delivering over or in addition to the state order industrial goods for agro-industrial complex, are also provided in priority procedure with material resources for production of these products.

4. Transport organizations provide transportations of products for agro-industrial complex in first-priority procedure.

Article 4. Realization of priority to providing agro-industrial complex with material resources

1. The intermediary between industrial and agricultural enterprises in forming of the order for industrial goods for agro-industrial complex, to bringing to all consumers of limits (funds) on the resources delivered according to the state order carry out services of material logistics and the picking of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of RSFSR, other ministries and departments entering into agro-industrial complex of the republic, and their division on places.

2. The state order on delivery to agro-industrial complex of industrial goods is established by Council of Ministers of RSFSR and is obligatory for execution by all companies and the organizations located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

3. In case of the conclusion allied and interrepublican contracts and agreements on mutual deliveries requirement of agro-industrial complex for the industrial goods which are turned out outside the Russian Federation is considered also in first-priority procedure.

4. Requirement of agro-industrial complex for currency assignments for acquisition of machines, the equipment, spare parts and materials is abroad considered in Republican currency fund of RSFSR in priority procedure and allocation to their Ministry of Agriculture and Food by RSFSR, and also to other ministries and departments of agro-industrial complex is performed by purpose.

5. The agro-industrial complex has the priority right to export certificates. For producers of agricultural and fish products in case of export transactions preferential standard rates of currency contributions to Republican currency fund of RSFSR are established.

6. Manufacturers of difficult technique and equipment, delivered for agro-industrial complex, provide corporate servicing it in the period of warranty period of service.

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