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of February 28, 1991 No. 796-XII

About the status and social protection of the citizens injured with the Chernobyl catastrophic crash

(The last edition from 06-06-2019)

The Chernobyl catastrophic crash concerned destinies of millions of people. In many regions, in the huge territories there were new social and economic conditions. Ukraine is announced by zone of ecological catastrophe. Creation of system of reliable protection of people against effects of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash requires attraction of considerable financial, material and scientific resources.

This Law determines basic provisions by realization of constitutional right of the citizens injured with the Chernobyl catastrophic crash, on protection of their life and health and creates single procedure for determination of categories of zones is radioactive the contaminated territories, conditions of accommodation and labor activity on them, social protection of the injured population.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Purpose and main objectives of the Law

The law is directed to protection of the citizens who were injured owing to the Chernobyl catastrophic crash, and the solution of the related problems of medical and social nature which arose owing to radioactive pollution of the territory; the citizens who were injured owing to other nuclear accidents and testing, doctrines using nuclear weapon, and the solution of the problems of medical and social nature connected with it.

State policy in the field of social protection of the victims from the Chernobyl catastrophic crash, creation of conditions of accommodation and work in the contaminated territories is based on the principles:

the priority of life and human health which was injured from the Chernobyl catastrophic crash, complete responsibility of the state for creation of safe and harmless working conditions;

the complex solution of tasks of health care, social policy and use of the contaminated territories on the basis of the state target programs on these questions and accounting of other directions of economic and social policy, achievements in the field of science and environmental protection;

social protection of people, full recovery of damage to persons injured with the Chernobyl catastrophic crash;

uses of economic methods of improvement of life by carrying out policy of the preferential taxation of citizens, injured Chernobyl catastrophic crash, and their associations;

implementation of measures for professional reorientation and advanced training of affected population;

ensuring coordination of activities of state bodies, organizations, organizations and associations of the citizens solving different problems of social protection of affected population, and also cooperation and carrying out consultations between state bodies and victims (their representatives), between all social groups at decision making on social protection at the local and state levels;

international cooperation in the field of health care, social protection, labor protection, use of international experience of the organization of work on these questions.

Article 2.

Voided according to the Law of Ukraine of 28.12.2014 No. 76-VIII

Article 3. Conditions of accommodation and labor activity of the population without restrictions on radiation factor

Condition of accommodation and labor activity of the population without restrictions on radiation factor is obtaining additional due to pollution of the territory radioactive isotopes of the dose which is not exceeding the level of radiation 1,0 mzv (0,1 of rem) in year.

Entrance to exclusion zones and unconditional (obligatory) settling out for permanent residence is forbidden. Accommodation of the population in these zones is allowed only before settling out completion. The procedure for entrance for permanent residence to zone of the guaranteed voluntary settling out is determined by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The direction of young specialists after the termination of organizations of professional (professional), professional prehigher and higher education for work in exclusion zones, the unconditional (obligatory) and guaranteed voluntary settling out without their consent is forbidden.

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