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of April 26, 1991 No. 1107-I

About rehabilitation of the repressed people

(on condition of July 1, 1993)

Updating of the Soviet society in the course of its democratization and forming of the constitutional state in the country demands clarification of all spheres of public life from deformation and misstatement of universal values. It created favorable opportunities for rehabilitation of the people repressed in days of the Soviet power which were exposed to genocide and slanderous attacks.

The politician of arbitrary behavior and lawlessness, practicing at the national level in relation to these people, was illegal, offended advantage not only repressed, but also all other people of the country. Its tragic consequences still affect condition of the international relations and create the dangerous centers of the international conflicts.

Relying on the international acts, the Declaration of the Supreme Council of the USSR of November 14, 1989 "About recognition illegal and criminal repressive acts against the people which underwent to forced relocation and providing their rights", resolutions of congresses of People's Deputies of RSFSR, and also the current legislation of RSFSR and the USSR fixing equality of the Soviet people and, aiming at recovery of historical justice, the Supreme Council of RSFSR proclaims cancellation of all illegal acts adopted concerning the repressed people and adopts this Law on their rehabilitation.

Article 1. Rehabilitate all repressed people of RSFSR, having recognized illegal and criminal repressive acts against these people.

Article 2. The people (the nations, nationalities or ethnic groups and other historically developed cultural and ethnic communities of people, for example, the Cossacks) are recognized to repressed concerning which on signs of national or other identity the policy of slander and genocide which was followed by their forced relocation, abolition of national-state educations, redrawing of national and territorial borders, establishment of the mode of terror and violence in places of the special settlement was pursued at the national level.

Article 3. Rehabilitation of the repressed people means recognition and implementation of their right to recovery of the territorial integrity existing to anticonstitutional policy of violent redrawing of borders on recovery of the national-state educations which developed before their abolition and also on compensation of the damage caused by the state.

Rehabilitation provides return of the people which did not have the national-state educations according to their declaration of will, in places of traditional accommodation in the territory of RSFSR.

In the course of rehabilitation of the repressed people the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens living now in the territories of the repressed people shall not be infringed.

Article 3-1. On citizens from among the repressed people which underwent to repressions in the territory of the Russian Federation on signs of national or other identity operation of the Law RSFSR "On recovery of victims of political repressions" expatiates.

Article 4. The propaganda or promotion which are carried out for the purpose of hindrance of rehabilitation of the repressed people is not allowed.

The persons who are making similar actions, and equally instigating to them are made responsible in the procedure established by the law.

Article 5. Recovery and change of national-state educations of the repressed people are performed on the basis of legislative regulation of the international relations.

Article 6. Territorial rehabilitation of the repressed people provides implementation on the basis of their declaration of will of legal and organizational actions for recovery of the national and territorial borders existing before their anticonstitutional violent change.

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