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of December 21, 1993 No. 3759-XII

About television and broadcasting

(The last edition from 02-10-2018)

This Law according to the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "About information" governs the relations arising in the field of television and broadcastings in the territory of Ukraine, determines the legal, economic, social, organizational conditions of their functioning directed to realization of freedom of expression, the rights of citizens to receipt of complete, reliable and operational information, to open and free discussion of public questions.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

1. For the purposes of this Law the following terms are used:

audiovisual information - any signals perceived by visual and acoustical receptors of the person and identified as messages on events, the facts, the phenomena, processes, information about persons, and also comments (opinions) on them transferred by means of images and sounds;

the audiovisual work - the part of teleradio program which is copyright object, having certain duration, the author's name and own concept, consisting of episodes or complete author's works combined among themselves by creative intention and graphic or sound means and being result of joint activities of authors, contractors and vendors;

audiovisual (electronic) mass media the organization providing the audiovisual information transferred in type of electric signals and accepted by means of household electronic devices for mass acceptance by consumers;

the affiliate - any legal entity having essential participation in the subject of information activities in the field of television and broadcasting;

leading (announcer) of transfer - the person which in shot or off-screen or in air exercises coordination and/or general management of implementation process of creative intention by other participants of transfer or accompanies the transfer course with explanations and/or the declaration of rules. Leading (announcer) of transfer performs activities based on employment, civil or other relationships with the teleradio organization or other person, provides creation or production of transfer, including to order to the teleradio organization;

the multichannel television network (radio or cable) the telecommunication public service network intended for transfer of teleradio programs, and also rendering other telecommunication and multimedia services capable to provide simultaneous broadcasting more than one teleradio program can be also integrated with other telecommunication public service networks;

house distribution network - the telecommunication network intended for the direction of teleradio programs to certain rooms (apartments) of the house, which is one of internal communications of the house and not being part of multichannel television networks;

own product of the teleradio organization - the programs and transfers, their parts fully or partially created and/or financed by the teleradio organization;

the owner of the subject of information activities in the field of television and broadcasting - physical person or the legal entity concerning whom there are no physical persons which have the direct or mediated essential participation of the subject of information activities in the field of television and broadcasting (except the physical persons performing the mediated ownership of essential participation it is exclusive by proxy, in the absence of other signs of the mediated ownership). The final beneficial owner (controller) is the owner of the subject of information activities in the field of television and broadcasting;

the public teleradio organizations - the teleradio organizations which according to the law are the non-profitable organizations created for the purpose of satisfaction of information needs of territorial bulks;

the state teleradio organizations - the teleradio organizations which are the state companies and founded by public authorities;

permission to temporary broadcasting - the decision made by National council of Ukraine concerning television and broadcasting, granting to the teleradio organization the right on out-of-competition basis in accordance with the terms of permission to perform temporary broadcasting in the territories with specific mode of broadcasting for up to one year;

broadcasting time - period during which according to the license for broadcasting the teleradio organization performs broadcast (relaying) of any audiovisual information;

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