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of January 19, 2001 No. 143-II

About grain

(The last edition from 05-10-2018)

This Law governs the relations arising in production process, storages and realization of grain in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) No. 435-V ZRK is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 04.12.2015;

2) foodgrain - the grain used for the food purposes;

2-1) web portal of information system - the Internet resource placed on the Internet, providing single point of access to data of the register;

3) it is excluded

3-1) No. 435-V ZRK is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 04.12.2015;

4) grain - the fruits of cereal, leguminous and oil-bearing crops used for the food, seed, fodder and technical purposes;

5) the owner of grain - the physical person or legal entity which transferred to storage to cereal receiving point grain;

6) cereal receiving point - the legal entity having the granary (elevator, cereal-receiving Item) on which grain storage is performed on the property right;

7) the granary (elevator, cereal-receiving Item) specialized technical construction for grain storage;

7-1) activities for rendering services in warehouse activities with release of grain receipts - the activities performed by cereal receiving points on grain storage;

7-2) registrar of grain receipts (further - the registrar) - the legal entity with participation of the state in the authorized capital having work experience in the security market, determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7-3) state electronic register of holders of grain receipts (further - the register) - set of data on the grain receipts and their holders providing identification of holders of grain receipts on certain timepoint, registration of transactions with grain receipts, and also nature of the registered restrictions for the address or implementation of the rights on them, and other data reflected in information system;

7-4) information system of grain receipts (further - information system) - the automated system of maintaining the register intended for storage, processing, search, distribution, transfer and providing information on grain receipts and their holders;

9) system of guaranteeing obligation fulfillment according to grain receipts - complex of the organization-legal measures directed to protection of the rights and legitimate interests of holders of grain receipts against non-execution by cereal receiving points of obligations according to the grain receipts issued by them;

10) fund of guaranteeing obligation fulfillment for grain receipts - the legal entity created for the purpose of ensuring protection of interests of holders of grain receipts against non-execution with cereal receiving points of obligations according to the grain receipts issued by them;

10-1) grain receipt - the warehouse certificate in the form of bank not issued security, the confirmatory property right to certain amount of grain;

11) the holder of the grain receipt - the person registered in the register, having rights according to the grain receipt;

12) grain production - complex of the agrotechnology actions directed to grain cultivation;

13) participants of the grain market - the physical persons and legal entities participating in production, storage, transportation, conversion and realization of grain;

13-1) monitoring of the grain market - set of the permanent actions directed to collection, processing and data analysis about the transactions with grain performed by participants of the grain market including its production, storage, conversion and realization;

13-2) quality certificate of grain - the document certifying the actual quality factors of grain and their compliance to requirements of documents for standardization and (or) terms of the contract;

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