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of August 8, 2019 No. 72

About introduction of marking of shoe goods means of identification

According to item 4 of article 7 of the Agreement on marking of goods means of identification in the Eurasian Economic Union of February 2, 2018 Council of the Euroasian economic commission solved:

1. State members of the Eurasian Economic Union (further - state members) independently determine Date of Introduction and procedure for marking of shoe goods in the territory according to this Decision and notify the Euroasian economic commission on such date. At the same time ban on turnover of unmarked shoe goods cannot be imposed before March 1, 2020.

2. Determine that:

marking of remaining balance of the shoe goods included in the list approved by this Decision is performed according to the procedure and the terms established by the legislation of state member;

state members for the purpose of providing free turnover of the marked shoe goods with means of identification determine or appoint national operators (administrators) till March 1, 2020;

before Date of Introduction of marking in the territory national operators (administrators) of state members which did not enter marking provide provision of the unique sequences of the symbols used for forming of means of identification (further - marking codes), to participants of turnover of goods, received from the national operator (administrator) of state member which entered marking in the territory, based on the agreement signed till March 1, 2020 with this national operator (administrator);

the national operator (administrator) of state member which entered marking in the territory provides provision of codes of marking at the request of other national operators (administrator) of state members no more than 60 minutes in time;

national operators (administrators) of state members provide provision of codes of marking at the request of business entities;

national operators (administrators) provide exchange of information about the marked shoe goods realized within cross-border trade among themselves;

interaction between national operators (administrators) is performed by means of the integrated information system of the Eurasian Economic Union. Readiness for implementation of the specified interaction according to this Decision shall be provided by January 1, 2020;

before introduction since July 1, 2021 of single methods of cryptographic protection in state members are used digital (including cryptographic) and (or) the printing methods of protection of means of identification established by the national legal system of these state members. Such remedies are recognized state members which entered marking in the territories, when moving of the marked shoe goods within cross-border trade;

from Date of Introduction of marking in the territory two and more state members, with them provide mutual recognition of means of identification, created according to this Decision, and also obligatory transfer of data on the means of identification applied on the marked shoe goods, the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur of these state members who sold goods within cross-border trade to the national operator (administrator) of state member in the territory of which it is registered with the subsequent transfer of data on such goods to the national operator (administrator) of state member on which territory such goods are imported. At the same time the national operator (administrator) of state member in which the seller is registered changes the status of goods in case of cross-border trade as removed from turnover.

4. Approve enclosed:

the list of the shoe goods which are subject to marking by means of identification;

means of identification, their characteristic, procedure for their generation, and also structure and structure of information which shall contain in means of identification on the basis of the data (in case of their availability) containing in the unified register of means of identification, procedure for marking of goods;

requirements to format, structure and structure of data on the marked goods transferred between competent (authorized) bodies of state members and between competent (authorized) bodies of state members and the Euroasian economic commission and also terms of transfer of such data;

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