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of June 25, 1992 No. 2498-XII

About veterinary medicine

(The last edition from 06-09-2018)


Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of the main terms

In this Law terms are used in the following value:

risk analysis - the process including danger identification, risk assessment of disease of animals, risk management and the message on risk;

arbitral research - the laboratory researches conducted upon the demand of person appealing results of preliminary laboratory research;

safety of subjects to veterinary health control and supervision - providing the fact that subjects to veterinary health control and supervision will not do harm to human health and animals if they are grown up, made and/or used for designated purpose. Safety is ensured by observance of the requirements established present By the law, other veterinary and sanitary measures and/or technical regulations;

buffer zone - the zone established in limits and along border of the infected zone using the measures which are based on epizootic characteristics of the corresponding disease of animals for the prevention of distribution of the pathogenic agent to the country or zone which is free from such disease of animals. Such measures are not limited to vaccination of animals;

veterinary administration - the public service of veterinary medicine having powers in all territory of the country on coordination, the organization and implementation of veterinary and sanitary measures, check of compliance of goods to the requirements determined by the country of destination, issue of the international veterinary certificates according to recommendations and instructions of relevant international organizations and also for supervision and check of their accomplishment;

veterinary dispensary - organization of veterinary medicine - the drugstore, pharmaceutical Item, pharmaceutical booth performing turnover of veterinary medicines and providing consultations concerning their application;

the veterinary reference - the one-time document issued by the state inspector of veterinarna or the licensed doctor of veterinary medicine, confirming veterinary and sanitary condition of batch of animals, animal products, reproductive material, biological products, forages of animal and plant origin including obligatory specifying of results of laboratory researches and the veterinary and sanitary status of the territory (capacity) of origin, and for animals - certification of performing vaccination and diagnostic testings;

veterinary documents - documents of allowing nature to which the international veterinary certificate, veterinary certificate, veterinary card, the veterinary reference and the veterinary and sanitary passport of animal issued by the state veterinary inspectors or authorized or licensed doctors of veterinary medicine who confirm veterinary and sanitary condition of animal, quality and safety of animal products, reproductive material, biological products, pathological material and forages belong;

veterinary immunobiological means - the means received with use of biological agents by means of biotechnology which therapeutic and/or diagnostic action is directed to correction (stimulation, modulation), and also diagnostics of immune system and identification of causative agents of infectious diseases of animals;

veterinary card - the document issued by the state doctor of veterinary medicine or the official veterinarian in which data on veterinary and sanitary condition of economy, diagnostics, vaccination, treatment and other antiepizootic actions of rather certain animal are entered, being appendix to the passport of this animal;

veterinary medicines - substances or their combinations intended for treatment and/or prevention of diseases of animals or recovery, correction or change of physiological functions, exchange processes at animals;

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