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of May 18, 2019 No. 65

About organic agricultural production in the Kyrgyz Republic

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 10, 2019

This Law determines the legal basis of production of organic agricultural products, its certification, governs the relations arising between certification bodies, producers of organic agricultural products, physical persons and legal entities, authorized bodies in the field of production of organic agricultural products and also creates conditions for development of the domestic market of organic agricultural products for the purpose of population requirements satisfaction in it and increases in its export.

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following concepts are used:

1) organic agricultural production - activities for production, storage and conversion of organic agricultural products of animal and phytogenesis according to requirements of this Law;

2) organic agricultural products - the agricultural products made according to requirements of this Law without use of agrochemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, hormonal medicines, gene-modified (genetically engineered, transgene) organisms, which are not subjected to processing with use of ionizing radiation;

3) organic foodstuff - the foodstuff made according to this Law, containing in the structure at least 95 percent of organic food ingredients from the mass of all ingredients (except for food salt and water);

4) forage (fodder products) - the natural products of vegetable, animal, mineral microbiological origin which are not making harmful effects on health of animals and the person and intended for feeding of animals;

5) food ingredient - foodstuff or substance (including nutritional supplements, fragrances) which according to compounding are used in case of production (production) of food products and are its component;

6) transition period from traditional agricultural production to organic farming - the certain period necessary for transition to production of organic agricultural products;

7) gene-modified (genetically engineered, transgene) organisms (further - GMO) - the organism or several organisms, any noncellular, monocelled or multicellular education capable to reproduction or transfer of heritable genetic material, the other than natural organisms, received using genetic engineering and (or) containing genetically engineered materials, including genes, their fragments or combinations of genes;

8) the product made from GMO - any product fully or partially developed from GMO;

9) the product made by means of GMO - any product received by use of GMO as the last live organism in production process, but which does not contain gene-modified organisms and does not consist of such organisms;

10) the producer of organic agricultural products - according to requirements of this Law the producer of organic agricultural products - physical person or legal entity;

11) state registration of the producer of organic agricultural products - registration of producer of organic agricultural products by authorized body of the executive authority;

12) the register of producers of organic agricultural products - the list of producers of organic agricultural products;

13) authorized body in the field of organic agricultural production - the state body determined by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, performing activities for regulation of processes of organic agricultural production within the competence;

14) certification body of organic agricultural products - the legal entity who is carrying out works on certification;

15) certification of organic agricultural products - the procedure of confirmation of conformity of product to requirements imposed to organic agricultural products;

16) traditional agricultural production - activities for production of agricultural products, without differentiation on organic and inorganic agricultural products;

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