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of April 16, 2019 No. PP-4290

About measures for development of public-private partnership in health sector

As a result of the taken complex measures for support of private sector of health care necessary conditions for further increase in number of the non-state medical organizations and expansion of types of the services rendered by them are created.

At the same time urgent is question of increase in contribution of the private medical organizations to public health care, creations of institutional and legal mechanisms of implementation of public-private partnership in health sector.

For the purpose of further development of private health care, creation of the legal basis of public-private partnership in this sphere, expansions of investment attraction, especially direct foreign, and also stimulations of participation of the non-state sector in improvement of access of the population to high-technology medical services and the equipment:

1. Approve Regulations on public-private partnership in health sector according to appendix No. 1.

2. Determine that:

a) projects of public-private partnership in health sector are implemented on the basis of the agreement between the state and private partner by the choice of one or set of the following forms:

designing, construction, reconstruction, creation, equipping, upgrade, financing, operation and servicing of public infrastructure in health sector;

provision of goods, performance of works and rendering services in health sector;

b) selection of the private partner is performed on the basis of the tender or carrying out direct negotiations, except as specified, by the provided decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinets of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

c) the duration of the agreement is determined by the state and private partner. At the same time it cannot be less than three years and shall not exceed 49 years;

d) the parcels of land allocated to the private partner, the acquired medical and other equipment, and also objects constructed by it within projects implementation of public-private partnership are transferred to the state partner upon termination of the duration of the agreement.

3. Agree with the offer of the Ministry of investments and foreign trade, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Fund of reconstruction and development of the Republic of Uzbekistan (further - Fund) about provision of the state support to the investors performing investment into health sector within projects implementation of public-private partnership in the form of preferential crediting by fund (further - preferential crediting).

To fund to open to authorized commercial banks credit lines for total amount to 200 million US dollars at the expense of not chosen means on the credit lines opened according to the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 6, 2017 No. PP-2718 "About measures for expansion of sources of financing of investment projects in food, tanning and shoe and pharmaceutical industry" for up to 10 years, including 3-year grace period, with the interest rate equal to rate of 6-month LIBOR plus 2 annual interest rates, for strengthening of material and technical resources of the medical organizations created on the terms of public-private partnership.

4. Determine that preferential crediting within projects implementation of public-private partnership in health sector is performed by commercial banks:

only for acquisition of the modern import medical equipment and stock - in the amount of no more than 20 percent from the total amount of the brought investments in foreign currency;

for up to 8 years, including 3-year grace period, with margin of the refinancing bank in the amount of annual interest rate 1,0;

on condition of introduction by the investor private, including foreign, investments of at least 80 percent from the total amount of the brought investments.

5. To the Ministry of Health, Agency on development of public-private partnership under the Ministry of Finance and to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

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