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of November 23, 2018 No. 270

About single system of compensation in the budget sphere

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Subject and purpose of the law

(1) This law regulates establishment of single system of compensation in the budget sphere and is general basis which includes the principles, rules and procedures of establishment of the salary in the ratio with hierarchy of positions in the budget sphere.

(2) the Purpose of this law consists in providing transparent, fair, attractive, manageable wages system of personnel of the budget sphere which is capable to reflect and reward result and within which the base pay is basic element of remuneration of personnel.

Article 2. Scope

Provisions of this law are applied to persons who are taking up responsible state positions, government employees including with special status, persons holding positions with special status in the field of national defense, state security and public order, other personnel working at basis of the individual employment contract in the budget bodies / organizations financed completely from the government budget or local budgets, and also personnel of National cash desk of social insurance (further - budget units).

Article 3. Principles of single system of compensation

(1) the Wages system regulated by this law is based on the following principles:

a) rule of law according to which the salary is established with observance of provisions of this law;

b) nondiscriminations, justice and coordination in sense of ensuring single approach and equal remuneration for equivalent work;

c) hierarchization depending on responsibility, complexity and the importance of the performed activities determined by means of assessment of positions in the budget sphere;

d) transparency according to which the mechanism of establishment of the salary and other rights in the field of compensation belongs to information which is of public interest;

e) payments by result, assuming wages increase of person across without its increase in position on the basis of system of accurate and objective assessment of results;

f) financial stability in sense of establishment of the pay level of work of personnel of budget units with observance of framework of the resources provided by budgets components of the national public budget.

(Provisions of this law provide 2):

a) reduction of wages system of personnel of budget units in compliance with the importance, responsibility, complexity of activities and the education level required for activities implementation;

b) fixing of base pays as the main element of monthly remuneration;

c) creation on the basis of assessment of positions of hierarchy of base pays both between spheres of activity, and in one sphere of activity;

d) the right of local authorities of the public power to regulate and manage work payment procedure at the local level according to this law, under the responsibility and in local public interests.

Article 4. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this law the following concepts are determined:

group of occupations - group of the positions corresponding to certain sphere of activity, and positions, general for all spheres of activity;

subgroup of positions - category of the positions relating to certain group of the occupations united according to set of criteria which reflect the hierarchical level, the required education level, level of complexity of tasks and level of responsibility;

compensation scale - form of hierarchization of base pays on positions and qualification categories. The scale of compensation is structured on the pay levels of work and classes of compensation;

the work pay level - certain level in compensation scale to which there corresponds the range of classes of compensation with set of coefficients of compensation covering group of positions of similar value according to the hierarchy received owing to assessment of positions which assume implementation of the types of activity comparable from the managerial and/or operational point of view;

professional level - the class rank, military (special) rank, special rank and diplomatic rank provided according to the current legislation;

compensation class - position arrangement level in general hierarchy of positions of scale of compensation to which there corresponds one of compensation coefficients;

compensation coefficient - numerical expression of class of compensation. On the basis of this coefficient the base pay for each position is calculated;

similar position - the position of the same type as a part of the same or other budget unit assuming the same conditions concerning education, level of responsibility, complexity and working conditions;

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