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of November 1, 2018 No. 897

About the step-by-step change in price and rates for fuel and energy resources

(The last edition from 31-05-2019)

For the purpose of ensuring further implementation of market mechanisms of realization of fuel and energy resources, their rational use, stimulation of energy saving, strengthening of financial discipline and the balanced development of the companies of fuel and energy complex, and also in view of growth of the world prices for fuel and energy resources and step-by-step decrease in monopoly on commodity markets (services) the Cabinet of Ministers decides:

1. Approve schedules of step-by-step change of rates:

on natural gas and the prices of the liquefied gas in 2018-2019 according to appendix No. 1;

on electrical energy in 2018-2019 according to appendix No. 2.

2. Establish since November 16, 2018:

a) retail prices, including tax on consumption of motor gasoline and diesel fuel, on:

Ai-80 brand motor gasoline - 4 000 bags/litre;

Ai-91 brand motor gasoline - 4 500 bags/litre;

diesel fuel - 4 800 bags/litre;

the EKO diesel fuel - 4 900 bags/litre;

b) payment amount of monthly monetary compensation of part of expenses on motor gasoline acquisition to the separate categories of persons determined by the legislation in the amount of 66 700 (sixty six thousand seven hundred) sum;

c) procedure according to which the means arriving on single special and accumulation target accounts of JSC Uztransgaz and the territorial companies of petroleum storage depots of JSC Uznefteprodukt from realization of the natural and liquefied gas, oil products are enlisted (less contributions to Fund of development of Bureau of forced execution under the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan) into special target accounts of JSC Uzbekneftegaz.

3. Enter since January 1, 2019 as experiment in Yunusabadsky district of the city of Tashkent:

a) basic regulation of consumption of electrical energy the population in the amount of 300 kW. hour a month on one subscriber;

b) basic regulation of consumption of natural gas the population in the amount of:

1000 CBM a month on one subscriber living in the apartment house or the apartment with individual heating in the period of heating season;

250 CBM a month on one subscriber - in other cases;

c) the mechanism providing implementation of calculations with the population for electrical energy and natural gas:

within basic regulation - on the established rate;

over basic regulation - using 2-fold coefficient raising 1, to the established rate.

To JSC Uzbekneftegaz, JSC Uzbekenergo, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Uzbekistan till July 1, 2019 on the basis of results of studying of the actual application of basic regulations of consumption of electrical energy and natural gas to make in the Cabinet of Ministers specific proposals on further application of basic regulations of consumption.

4. To JSC Uzbekneftegaz, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with:

To provide to JSC Uzneftegazdobycha and JSC Uznefteprodukt increase since November 16, 2018 in intra-branch prices for products of the extracting and processing enterprises of oil and gas industry on natural gas - on average in time 2,2, on oil - on average twice, on gas condensate - on average in 1,6 of time and on the liquefied gas - on average in time 2,3, for achievement of profitability of production;

Bring JSC Uznefteprodukt till January 1, 2019 offers on ensuring stable supply of diesel fuel to all categories of consumers on fixed prices;

GI "Uzgosneftegazinspektion" and other interested ministries and departments to make in the Cabinet of Ministers offers on review of regulations of monthly consumption of the natural gas released to the population for household needs in the absence of the metering devices of gas approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 28, 2002 No. 99 in a month.

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