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of September 28, 2018

About cooperation in the field of research and use of space in the peace purposes

The State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

in view of great value of space science, the equipment and space technologies for social and economic and scientific and technical development of the State Parties of the CIS,

recognizing general interest in further research and use of space in the peace purposes,

aiming to develop cooperation in the field of research and use of space in the peace purposes, and also space applications and space technologies for the benefit of the people of the states,

recognizing practical importance and potential mutual advantages from the purposeful international cooperation in space activities based on scientific and technical and production cooperation

recognizing the importance of provisions of the Agreement on the principles of activities of the states for research and use of space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, of January 27, 1967 and the Convention on the international damage liability, caused by space objects, of March 29, 1972,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

For the purposes of this Convention the following terms are used:

remote sensing of Earth from space – process of receipt of information on the Earth's surface by observation and measurement from space of own and reflected radiation of elements of sushi, the ocean and the atmosphere in the different ranges of electromagnetic waves for the purpose of determination of the location, the description of nature and temporary variability of natural natural parameters and the phenomena, natural resources, the environment, and also anthropogenous factors and educations;

coordinate and time and navigation providing – the transactions which are carried out for the purpose of obtaining by the consumer of all data on spatio-temporal conditions and the relations of the objects and processes necessary for it used or considered by it in case of the solution of the tasks or goal achievement determined in space and time;

space activities – any activities connected with direct work on research and use of space including the Moon and other celestial bodies;

space infrastructure – complex of the objects intended for ensuring space activities;

the space equipment – set of subjects to preparation (starting complexes, air vessels carriers), means of removal landing (carrier rockets, accelerating blocks, systems of landing of components of means of removal and spacecrafts) and systems of operation of spacecrafts;

space technologies – set of the methods, processes and materials used for creation of the space equipment and rendering the corresponding services;

scientific and technical potential – set of the personnel and organizational, material, financial and information resources intended for the solution of the tasks of scientific and technical development facing society;

applied space researches – the researches directed to obtaining and use of new knowledge in space area for achievement of the practical purposes and the solution of specific objectives;

joint activities – the activities of the Parties within this Convention connected with research and use of space, space applications and space technologies in the peace purposes;

basic space researches – the experimental and theoretical activities directed to receipt of new knowledge of space.

Article 2

The cooperation of the Parties in the field of research and use of space in the peace purposes is performed within the interstate, intergovernmental agreements and international treaties of interdepartmental nature signed according to the commonly accepted principles and rules of international law and with compliance with law of each of the Parties.

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