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of July 20, 2018 No. 288

About tax exemption on profit

For the purpose of creating favorable conditions for development of space instrument making:

1. Determine that the profit got by the organizations from implementation of works and the self-produced services * executed and rendered in the field of space instrument making ** is exempted from the taxation by the income tax (further - tax benefit).


* For the purposes of this Decree works and self-produced services are understood as the works and services executed and rendered during action of the certificate of works and services of the own production issued in the procedure established by the legislation.

** For the purposes of this Decree the space instrument making is understood as science and technology, industry on creation of onboard devices (devices, the equipment), the complexes, systems intended for functioning in space including for remote sensing of Earth, specially developed components for them, and also specially developed land devices (devices, the equipment), the equipment, complexes, systems for production and testing of onboard devices (devices, the equipment), complexes, systems for their maintenance and management in flight, for acceptance, storage and information processing of remote sensing of Earth.

2. The money released as a result of use of tax benefit goes the organizations for acquisition of the equipment, carrying out research and developmental (technological) works and rendering the services connected with space instrument making.

The basis for provision of tax benefit is the conclusion issued by the State military-industrial committee confirmatory that the realized works and services belong to the works and services executed and rendered in the field of space instrument making.

Criteria and procedure for reference of works and services to the works and services which are carried out and rendered in the field of space instrument making are established by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

3. In case of inappropriate use of the money released according to Item 1 of this Decree, the income tax is paid collected) according to the procedure, stipulated by the legislation, using the measures of responsibility established for failure to pay or incomplete payment of the amounts of taxes, charges (duties) and charge of penalty fee * according to the tax legislation.


* For the period from the date of application of tax benefit till day of payment (collection) of the income tax.

4. Confer the personal responsibility for the target use of money provided in Item 2 of this Decree on heads of the organizations performing works and rendering services in the field of space instrument making.

5. To Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus in three-months time to take measures for implementation of this Decree.

6. To impose control over the implementation of this Decree on the State Control Committee.

7. This Decree becomes effective after its official publication and is effective till December 31, 2023.

President of the Republic of Belarus

A. Lukashenko


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