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of April 13, 2018 No. PP-3666

About organizational measures for further enhancement of activities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan

(In edition of the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 11.07.2018 No. UP-5475)

According to the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 13, 2018 No. UP-5415 "About Measures for Radical Enhancement of Activities of Bodies and Organizations of Justice in Realization of the State Legal Policy":

1. Determine the main objectives of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

carrying out single state legal policy, coordination and increase in efficiency of law-making activities;

implementation of complex and critical efficiency analysis of system of public administration with development of reasonable offers on realization of the corresponding reforms in this sphere;

methodical management and coordination of activities of state bodies and organizations for execution of the laws and other regulatory legal acts;

implementation of measures for ensuring consecutive and uniform law-enforcement practice in activities of bodies of the public and economic board, public authorities on places;

carrying out state policy in the field of development of activities of non-state non-profit organizations, assistance in the organization of their interaction with state bodies and the organizations;

development and realization of single state policy in the sphere of ministerial procedures and rendering the state services;

coordination, control and methodical ensuring activities of legal services of state bodies and organizations;

implementation of legal promotion, bringing to the population of essence and value of the adopted acts of the legislation, taking measures to eradication of legal illiteracy of the population, and also coordination of work of state bodies and organizations in the field of legal promotion;

distribution of legal information and ensuring access to it;

ensuring effective functioning of system of notariate, the legal profession and other structures performing legal servicing of physical persons and legal entities;

implementation of measures for legal protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens;

adjustment and strengthening of international legal cooperation, conducting legal examination of international treaties;

providing legal protection of interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international and foreign organizations, timely informing the international community, foreign investors about national system of law and the undertaken legal reforms;

the organization of preparation, retraining and advanced training of legal personnel, ensuring carrying out basic and applied researches in the field of law;

development of the priority directions of development of judicial and expert activities, coordination of work on preparation and advanced training of court experts;

implementation in activities of bodies and organizations of justice, first of all in the sphere of legal servicing of the population and rendering the state services, innovative methods of work using modern information and communication technologies.

2. Form:

a) in structure of central office of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Management of efficiency analysis of system of public administration;

Management of studying of law-enforcement practice in the social and economic sphere;

Management of legal examination of government legal decisions and departmental regulations;

Management of the analysis and systematization of the legislation;

Management of state regulation of legal servicing;

Management of legal protection of interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international and foreign organizations;

b) based on the Center of legal informatization and Adolat publishing house under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

The center of development of information and communication technologies in bodies and organizations of justice (further - TsRIKT) in the form of the state unitary enterprise;

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