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of February 28, 2018 No. PP-3571

About measures for enhancement of payment terms of work of separate employee categories of public pre-school educational institutiones

(The last edition from 08-08-2018)

For the purpose of further enhancement of system of preschool education as most important link of single system of life-long education, creation of worthy payment terms of work and financial incentive of workers, involvement of highly qualified personnel, including young graduates, increase in the company of the authority of teachers of public pre-school educational institutiones:

1. Agree with the offer of the Ministry of preschool education, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of employment and employment relationships of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the differentiated increase in base wage rates of compensation of separate employee categories of public pre-school educational institutiones:

a) since March 1, 2018 - for 30 percent to managers, tutors, methodologists, teachers, speech pathologists, psychologists, musical directors and assistant teachers;

b) since September 1, 2018:

for 30 percent - to tutors preparatory (from 5 to 6 - 7 years) groups, to the teachers, speech pathologists, psychologists having the higher education, having equated the sizes of their base wage rates to the sizes of base wage rates of elementary school teachers of comprehensive schools;

for 20 percent - to the assistant teachers having the higher or secondary vocational, professional pedagogical education;

for 10 percent - the manager of preschool educational institutions.

2. Reduce for up to January 1, 2023 the operating amount of parent payment for content of children in the public pre-school educational institutiones located in Dekhkanabadsky, Kasbiysky, Mirishkorsky, Kamashinsky, Chirakchinsky, Nishansky, Yakkabagsky and Guzarsky districts of the Kashkadarya region, in Alatsky, Shafirkansky, Karakul, Peshkunsky and Romitansky districts of the Bukhara region, in Kyzyriksky, Muzrabatsky, Altynsaysky, Baysunsky, Kumkurgansky, Uzunsky, Sariasiysky districts of the Surkhandarya region in Nurabadsky, Kushrabatsky, Urgutsky, Bulungursky and Pakhtachiysky districts of the Samarkand region, in Bakhmalsky, Gallyaaralsky, Farishsky, Mirzachulsky and Yangiabadsky districts of the Jizzakh region in Akaltynskom, Mirzaabadsky, in Havastsky and Sardobinsky districts, in Sokhsky district, in villages of Shokhimardon and Yordon of the Fergana district of the Fergana region of the Syr Darya region twice.

3. Enter since March 1, 2018 payment procedure of work of the assistant teacher in public pre-school educational institutiones proceeding from base wage rates.

4. To provide to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

in 2018 at the expense of the Government budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan financing of additional expenses on increase in base wage rates of compensation of employees of public pre-school educational institutiones according to this resolution, and since 2019 to provide these expenses when forming parameters of the Government budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

allocation of additional resources for forming of special fund of material stimulation of public pre-school educational institutiones is strict in the amount of 15 percent from the salary fund established by the legislation.

5. To the ministry of preschool education of the Republic of Uzbekistan to establish system control of target and address use of means of special fund of material stimulation, having provided their allocation separately in expense budgets of public pre-school educational institutiones.

6. Make change to appendix No. 32 to the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 29, 2017 No. PP-3454 "About the forecast of the main macroeconomic indicators and parameters of the Government budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2018" according to appendix.

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