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of March 1, 2018 No. 632-P

About purchases of the Central bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)

This Provision according to article 7 of the Federal Law of July 10, 2002 No. 86-FZ "About the Central bank the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)" (The Russian Federation Code, 2002, No. 28, Art. 2790; 2003, No. 2, Art. 157; No. 52, Art. 5032; 2004, No. 27, Art. 2711; No. 31, Art. 3233; 2005, No. 25, Art. 2426; No. 30, Art. 3101; 2006, No. 19, Art. 2061; No. 25, Art. 2648; 2007, No. 1, Art. 9, Art. 10; No. 10, Art. 1151; No. 18, Art. 2117; 2008, No. 42, Art. 4696, Art. 4699; No. 44, Art. 4982; No. 52, Art. 6229, Art. 6231; 2009, No. 1, Art. 25; No. 29, Art. 3629; No. 48, Art. 5731; 2010, No. 45, Art. 5756; 2011, No. 7, Art. 907; No. 27, Art. 3873; No. 43, Art. 5973; No. 48, Art. 6728; 2012, No. 50, Art. 6954; No. 53, Art. 7591, Art. 7607; 2013, No. 11, Art. 1076; No. 14, Art. 1649; No. 19, Art. 2329; No. 27, Art. 3438, Art. 3476, Art. 3477; No. 30, Art. 4084; No. 49, Art. 6336; No. 51, Art. 6695, Art. 6699; No. 52, Art. 6975; 2014, No. 19, Art. 2311, Art. 2317; No. 27, Art. 3634; No. 30, Art. 4219; No. 40, Art. 5318; No. 45, Art. 6154; No. 52, Art. 7543; 2015, No. 1, Art. 4, Art. 37; No. 27, Art. 3958, Art. 4001; No. 29, Art. 4348, Art. 4357; No. 41, Art. 5639; No. 48, Art. 6699; 2016, No. 1, Art. 23, Art. 46, Art. 50; No. 26, Art. 3891; No. 27, Art. 4225, Art. 4273, Art. 4295; 2017, No. 1, Art. 46; No. 14, Art. 1997; No. 18, Art. 2661, Art. 2669; No. 27, Art. 3950; No. 30, Art. 4456; No. 31, Art. 4830; No. 50, Art. 7562; 2018 No. 1, the Art. 66) (further - the Federal Law No. 86-FZ) are determined by procurement procedure in the Bank of Russia.

Chapter 1. General provisions

1.1. Purchase (procurement procedure, procurement procedure) is understood as the sequence of the actions performed according to this Provision and (in the presence) documentation on purchase (procurement documentation), directed to the choice of the supplier (the contractor, the contractor) for the purpose of the conclusion of the contract with it with optimum indicators of the price, quality and terms for timely and complete requirements satisfaction in goods (works, services) necessary for ensuring functioning of system of the Bank of Russia.

Documentation on purchase represents one or several documents containing the complete information about subject, conditions of participation and rules of holding specific procurement procedure, preparation, registration and submission of applications for participation and the choice of the winner.

1.2. For the purpose of increase in effective management of purchases and vendor interactions (contractors, contractors) within separate types of goods (works, services) in the Bank of Russia are developed and implemented special actions plans - categorical strategy.

Types of goods (works, services) are understood as groups of the uniform goods united by general sign or set of the signs determining their market characteristics, held for use with identical ultimate goal, or the job groups, services with identical resulting effect, identical set of the resources required for accomplishment having at the same time set of consumer properties, characteristic of such category.

1.3. In the course of implementation of purchases the Bank of Russia is guided by the principles of information openness and transparency of purchases; non-admissions of restrictions of the competition and prevention of corruption and other abuses in the sphere of purchases, effective use of money on purchase of goods (works, services).

1.3.1. The principle of information openness and transparency of purchases is provided by placement of information on purchases on the official site of the Bank of Russia on the Internet and on electronic trading platform (further - ETP). The placed information shall be complete and reliable.

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