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of September 13, 2017 No. 718

About additional measures for improvement of quality of medical services, increase in responsibility for efficiency of the held preventive events in organizations of primary health care

For the purpose of further improvement of quality of primary health care to the population, the Cabinet of Ministers decides increases in responsibility for efficiency of the held preventive events and material work incentives of health workers of organizations of primary health care taking into account the leading role and value of their activities in implementation of measures for prevention of diseases, promotion of healthy lifestyle and sanitary and hygienic culture among the population:

1. Determine the main directions of preventive actions and medical patronage of the population:

reorientation of the main objectives of organizations of primary health care mainly on precautionary, scheduled and patronage maintenance with the population;

carrying out permanent patronage job among the population, first of all women of fertile age, expectant mothers, children, and also lonely aged, the disabled people, persons needing postorenny leaving and social protection, patients with chronic diseases;

early detection of diseases and non-admission of transition of diseases to chronic form by the organization of high-quality routine inspections and carrying out laboratory and tool researches;

determination by the main criteria for evaluation of efficiency of activities of medical personnel - decrease in level of hospitalization, incidence, disability, especially satisfaction of the population with quality of the provided medical care.

2. Accept offers of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Uzbekistan on introduction since October 1, 2017:

a) systems of rating performance appraisal of the central district (city) multi-profile clinics, city and rural family polyclinics, rural medical Items;

b) systems of material stimulation and encouragement of work of health workers of the central district (city) multi-profile clinics, city and rural family polyclinics, rural medical Items depending on results of rating efficiency evaluation of their work providing:

establishment of the monthly personal allowance in the amount of 5 to 20 percent from the tariff charge to the patronage nurses and general practitioners who are providing complete patronage scope of families in the attached territory and achieved positive resulting effects of the activities including decrease in incidence, lack of infantile and maternal death rate;

awarding on results of rating assessment of activities of the caused most a stir medical and average medical personnel of organizations of primary health care.

3. Approve Regulations on procedure for carrying out rating efficiency evaluation of activities of the central district (city) multi-profile clinics, city and rural family polyclinics, rural medical Items, and also medical and average medical personnel according to appendix.

4. Determine that the implementation of actions, provided by this resolution, is performed within annually allocated budgetary appropriations on forming of Fund of material stimulation and development of the medical organizations.

5. To the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

in two weeks to develop and approve in accordance with the established procedure Regulations on population scope by routine inspection and system patronage, and also procedure for the direction of patients from city and rural family polyclinics, rural medical Items for consultation, diagnostics, the resolution on medical accounting, treatments and rehabilitations in medical institutions of district, regional and republican levels;

provide the organization of holding in full preventive actions and implementation of their system monitoring;

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