CIS Countries Legislation Database

What is it?

The information-legal system «Legislation of the CIS countries» is the unique legal database of the data which has no parallel:

  • 11 national sections: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.
  • Section «Interstate relations of the CIS countries»
  • The Uniform thematic qualifier
  • The Uniform search engine for all sections.
  • Uniform format of documents.

Sources of information

The main sources of information for the database "Legislation of the CIS countries" are the national electronic databases, the issuers of legal information, as well as electronic and printed publications. Cooperation with the operators of national databases in the CIS countries and issuers are built on the basis of long-term contracts.

Thanks to cooperation with the best developers of national databases in the CIS countries and to direct contacts to emitters standard-legal information, the database is kept updated timely.

Database details

Documents in Database

The documents providing the complete information on the basic branches of the law, and also the documents reflecting interstate relations of the CIS countries are included in the Database «Legislation of the CIS countries» (EurAsES, Custom union, the CIS, etc.).

Database updating

Adding new documents in database and updating of documents the Database is curried out within the week.

Translating documents into Russian

In most CIS countries, legal documents are available in the national and Russian languages and have a status of "official translation". In countries where the documents are available only in the national language, their translation into Russian is performed by professional legal translators.

Development of a database

The database contains valid documents and annexes in any formats. Documents included in the database are selected by qualified legal service company SoyuzPravoInform. The database does not include documents on the appointment, award, forming of committees and commissions, and other documents of non-regulatory nature. Such documents, if necessary, are provided to users by their request.

Each document has an information card, which reflects its essential elements: the type of document, date of adoption and entry into force, the number of documents issued by the organization, publication source, date of latest revision, information about registration with the Ministry of Justice. If necessary, the documents are accompanied by comments of experts.

Translating documents into English

Translate technology

Now documents are translated from Russian into English using technology of МТ (Machine Translation) with use of the software translator.
Translation is provided by PROMT LLC.
The given technology does not allow to perform translation with quality, comparable with professional human translation.
The purpose of the given stage of our project - to give to our users a "tentative" translation which allows to understand an essence of the document and if necessary to order high-level professional translation of the necessary documents.
Presently we are working on setting up service for users, which will allow ordering professional translation. We are expecting that such service will be avilable in the nearest future.

Original text of documents

As we estimate current translation quality as "tentative", we provide to the registered users original texts of documents in Russian, so in case necessite users could compare unclear parts of the text or make final translation independently.

Database interface and search engine


Database has the convenient interface and full-function system of search of documents. It provides possibility at the minimum costs of time to perform great volume of work on legislation studying as separate country, and the comparative analysis of rates and positions of the right in the different countries.
Users can mark documents as "Favorite" and then filtering them in list. That accelerates access to often used documents and allows to supervise their condition and renovation.
The History of opened documents saves time and raises overall performance.

Searching documents

Search engine allows users to search documents by many ways: Search by Countries, Document types, Date range, Classification (Theme), Context search, Keyword search and others.

Thematic and Keyword search

Classifier (Theme search)

All sections of the database are based on a single thematic classifier. The classifier is designed specifically for database "Legislation of the CIS countries" and contains 20 major sections, each of which is separated to a depth of 1 to 3 levels. The classifier includes sections of legislation that are applicable to each of the CIS countries. Themes allow you to quickly build documents list on various legal issues.

Search by Keywords

The Keywords search allows users to quickly find documents, which can be described in one word or expression.

Keywords are sorted in alphabetical order. Each keyword corresponds to a group of keywords that allow customizing the theme.

User Profile

Info about License

This section describes all parametres of your license: the period of validity, accessible sections of a database, quantity of accessible paid documents etc.

Opened and marked list with search

When working with a database user opens certain documents and can mark them as "Favorite". All opened and marked documents are stored in users personal database. This is necessary for the convenience of future reference to those already found earlier documents.

Opened documents statistic

For convenience of an assessment of works with a database we give possibility to look to the statistican of open documents a kind of convenient circular charts. It can be useful at a hard work or at a considerable quantity of users working under one corporate account.